Modern Punjabi Sikh baby names for boys first letter pfrom Gurbani and Guru granth Sahebji with meaning

Any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh . Sikhism is very small comunity mostly in India and Pakistan. Here we have big collection of Punjabi Sikh names from Gurbani and Guru granth sahebjifor boys starting first letter p on . Here you will find modern Sikh , Punjabi names for boys starting first letter p with their meaning , gender, Nakshatra,Rashi and numerology of the name . We have baby names mostly with the English meaning .

Here is list of Indian Sikh Baby names for boys starting first letter p in alfabatical order A to Z names from gurbani and Guru Granth Sahebji . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

Punjabi Sikh baby Boy names letter


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NAME Meaning Gender
Paawanjeet Victory of the pure Boy
Padamdeep Thousand billions, Of regions, Of lotus petaled lamps Boy
Padamjeet Victory of the lotus Boy
Padamjot Light of the lotus Boy
Padampal Protector of the lotus Boy
Padamjot Light of the lotus Boy
Padampreet Love for the lotus Boy
Padamprem Love for the lotus Boy
Palwinderjot Light of lords moments Boy
Palwinderpal Protector of lords moments Boy
Pankaj Lotus flower Boy
Pankajdeep Light of lotus Boy
Pankajeet Eagle Garuda Boy
Pankajpreet Love of lotus Boy
Paramaadhar Taking the highest support Boy
Paramajeet Victory of supreme Boy
Paramarath A spiritual person Boy
Paramatam Supreme soul Boy
Parambir The greatest of warriors Boy
Parambodh Greatest gnostic Boy
Paramdaya Most compassionate one Boy
Paramdeep The lamp of the divine Boy
Paramdesh The highest God Boy
Paramdev A godly person Boy
Paramdharam Superior religion Boy
Paramdheer Having the greatest patience Boy
Paramgat Liberation from all bonds Boy
Paramgeet The highest song of bliss Boy
Paramhans Sadguru Boy
Paramhet Of supreme Love of God Boy
Paraminder Supreme God of heaven Boy
Paramjaap Meditation of supreme God Boy
Paramjas Praises of God Boy
Paramjeet Highest success, Supremely victorious, The perfect winner, Ultimate victorious Boy
Paramjeevan Living the most exalted life Boy
Paramjodh Greatest warrior Boy
Paramjog One uniting with the highest Boy
Paramjot The highest light, Gods light, Flame of the supreme Boy
Paramjugat Union with God Boy
Paramkamal Supreme lotus flower Boy
Paramkeerat One who sings gods glories Boy
Paramnaam Supreme name Boy
Paramnek Having the highest virtue Boy
Paramnidhan Possessing the highest treasure Boy
Paramnihal Having the supreme happiness Boy
Paramniranjan Most immaculate one Boy
Paramnirmal Purest one Boy
Paramnivas Resident of the highest abode Boy
Parampal Highest success, God, The caretaker Boy
Paramprakash Supreme light Boy
Parampreet One who loves the Lord Boy
Paramprem Supreme Love Boy
Paramrang Imbued with the Love of Lord Boy
Paramras Highest elixir Boy
Paramratan Highest gem Boy
Paramroop Supremely beauteous Boy
Paramsaihaj Supreme bliss Boy
Paramsangat Company of the highest Boy
Paramsev Serving the highest Boy
Paramsevak one who serves the highest Boy
Paramshaant Having the highest peace Boy
Paramtat Knowing the truth of spirit Boy
Paramtek Supreme support Boy
Paramthakar Supreme Lord Boy
Paramveer The greatest warrior, Supreme hero Boy
Paramvichar Reflecting on the Lord Boy
Paramvir The greatest warrior, Supreme hero Boy
Paramwant Highly supreme Boy
Paramyog Supreme union Boy
Parbeen Capable, Skilful, Efficient Boy
Pardeep Good Boy
Pargat One who blossoms forth into fame Boy
Pargatjeet Revelation of the victory Boy
Pargatjot Revelation of the divine light Boy
Paridarshan Panoramic view Boy
Parineet Wedded Boy
Parmaad Intoxicated by lords Love Boy
Parminder God of gods Boy
Parminderpal Preserver of supreme God Boy
Parmit Wisdom, Friend of the supreme Boy
Parphullat Happy, Contended Boy
Parsan one who is Happy and delightful Boy
Parsanjit Delighted victory Boy
Parshotam Best person, Great human being Boy
Partap Glory, Vigour, Strength Boy
Partapi Majestic, Courageous Boy
Partit Faith Boy
Parwah Supremely wonderful Boy
Parwan Acceptable Boy
Pasohra Of pishawar Boy
Patveer The respected brave one Boy
Patwant Respectable, Honourable, Elite Boy
Pavandeep Firmament illuminated, Lamp of heavens Boy
Pavenpreet Lover of wind, Air Boy
Pavitar A pure individual, Pure, Holy person Boy
Pavith Love Boy
Pavitpal Protector of the holy person Boy
Pawandeep Light of the Sky Boy
Pawanjeev Life in air Boy
Pawanjit Victory of air Boy
Pawanjot Light of air Boy
Pawanpreet Love of air Boy
Pawanveer Brave as air Boy
Phakir Alt spelling Farid Boy
Phulwant Full of flower fragrance Boy
Piaar Love, Attachment Boy
Pooranbir Perfect and brave Boy
Pooranjit Victory of the perfect Boy
Pooranjot Light of the perfect Boy
Pooranpreet Perfect Love, Complete Love Boy
Prabhaatam One whose soul unites with God Boy
Prabhadhaar Lords support Boy
Prabhanand One who draws bliss from God Boy
Prabhbir Gods brave warrior Boy
Prabhbodh Divine knowledge Boy
Prabhcharan Taking shelter in gods feet Boy
Prabhcheet Remembering the Lord by heart, Absorbed in God Boy
Prabhchet Absorbed in God, Remembering the Lord by heart Boy
Prabhchetan One who is aware of God Boy
Prabhchit Absorbed in God, Remembering the Lord by heart Boy
Prabhdas Slave of God Boy
Prabhdaya One for whom God is merciful Boy
Prabhdeep Gods light, Enlighted, Gods dear one (1) Boy
Prabhdhan One for whom gods Love is wealth Boy
Prabhdharam God is the religion Boy
Prabhdheer Steadfast in gods Love Boy
Prabhdheeraj One who is patient for gods Love Boy
Prabhdhian One who contemplates on God Boy
Prabhjas Lords praises Boy
Prabhjeet Love of God, God victorious, Gods triumph Boy
Prabhjeevan One for whom remembrance of God is life Boy
Prabhjit Love of God, God victorious, Gods triumph Boy
Prabhjodh Gods warrior Boy
Prabhjog Worthy of God Boy
Prabhjot Gods light Boy
Prabhjote Light of God Boy
Prabhkamal Flower of God Boy
Prabhkeerat Lords praises, Dedication to God through honest and Hard work Boy
Prabhkirpal Gods grace Boy
Prabhkirtan Singing gods praise Boy
Prabhmeet Friend of God Boy
Prabhmel Union with God Boy
Prabhnaam Absorbed in gods name Boy
Prabhnam Absorbed in gods name Boy
Prabhnoor The light of God Boy
Prabhparvaan One who is accepted by God Boy
Prabhpreet One who loves God Boy
Prabhraman One absorbed in gods Love Boy
Prabhrang One who is coloured by lords Love Boy
Prabhratan Gem of God Boy
Prabhroop Rabb da Roop, With An appearance of God, Embodiment of God Boy
Prabhrup Rabb da Roop, With An appearance of God, Embodiment of God Boy
Prabhsaihaj Attaining tranquillity through God Boy
Prabhsangat One who loves being with God Boy
Prabhsharan One who takes the shelter of God Boy
Prabhteerath One for whom God is the holy place Boy
Prabhvichar One reflecting on God Boy
Prabsharan In gods grace Boy
Prafuldeep Blooming lamp Boy
Prafuljeet Blooming victory Boy
Prajit Victorious, Conquering, Defeating Boy
Prakashdeep Light of lamp, Lighthouse Boy
Prakashleen Imbued in the light Boy
Praneet Humble boy, Modest, Leader Boy
Prasharanbir Brave in the lords shelter Boy
Prathipaal The nurturer, The one who looks after the world Boy
Preetam Lover, Lovable Boy
Preetambir Brave beloved Boy
Preetamjeet Victory of the beloved Boy
Preetamjot One who longs for the divine light, Light of the beloved Boy
Preetkamal Love for the lotus Boy
Preetmohan Attractive and lovable Boy
Preetmohinder Lovely and attractive Lord Boy
Preetum Longing for beloved Boy
Preetveer - Boy
Prem love Boy
Prembans Belonging to the family of holy ones Boy
Prembhagat Loving devotion to God Boy
Premdeep The lamp of Love Boy
Premjeet One who wins over others by Love Boy
Premjeev Loving being Boy
Premjot The light of Love Boy
Premnivaas One whose abode is gods Love Boy
Prempal God, The loving caretaker Boy
Premraman Absorbed in the Love of God Boy
Premrang Coloured in the Love of God Boy
Premras Imbued in the lords Love Boy
Premroop Embodiment of Love Boy
Premsangat Lover of holy company Boy
Premtek Support of gods Love Boy
Premuttam Having highest Love for God Boy
Premveer Pyar ko pasand karne wala Boy
Premwant Full of Love Boy
Pritam Lover Boy
Pritamhari Longing for beloved God Boy
Pritamjit Victory of the beloved Boy
Pritamjot One who longs for the divine light, Light of the beloved Boy
Pritampal Protector of the beloved Boy
Prithamdeep - Boy
Prithipal Beloved cherisher, Protector Boy
Prithvinder Lord of the earth Boy
Prithvipal Beloved cherisher, Protector Boy
Pritpal God, The loving caretaker, Earth, Pledge keeper, Beloved cherisher, Protector Boy
Punamjeet Victory in full-moon night Boy
Puneet Pure or holy Boy
Puneetinder Sacred Lord Boy
Puneetpal Fosterer of purity Boy
Pupinder Lords Love Boy
Pupinderjeet Victory with lords Love Boy
Purajit Lord Shiva Boy
Purandar Lord Indra Boy
Purangian Complete knowledge Boy
Puranjeet Perfect victory Boy
Puranjot Perfect light Boy
Puranpreet Perfect Love, Complete Love Boy
Puranprem Complete Love Boy
Purantek Complete support Boy
Purbhjeet Victory with the God Boy
Pushpinder God of flower Boy
Pushpreet Love for flowers Boy