Modern Punjabi Sikh baby names for boys first letter nfrom Gurbani and Guru granth Sahebji with meaning

Any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh . Sikhism is very small comunity mostly in India and Pakistan. Here we have big collection of Punjabi Sikh names from Gurbani and Guru granth sahebjifor boys starting first letter n on . Here you will find modern Sikh , Punjabi names for boys starting first letter n with their meaning , gender, Nakshatra,Rashi and numerology of the name . We have baby names mostly with the English meaning .

Here is list of Indian Sikh Baby names for boys starting first letter n in alfabatical order A to Z names from gurbani and Guru Granth Sahebji . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

Punjabi Sikh baby Boy names letter


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NAME Meaning Gender
Naamadhar Support of naam Boy
Naamadol Unwavering in naam Boy
Naamahar One who is sustained by naam Boy
Naamanand One who finds bliss in naam Boy
Naambhagat Devotee of the Lord Boy
Naambir Brave who remembers the Lord Boy
Naamcheet Remembering the lords name Boy
Naamchetan Aware of naam Boy
Naamdarshan Vision of naam Boy
Naamdheer Steadfast in naam Boy
Naamdhian Absorbed in naam Boy
Naamdhun Melody of naam Boy
Naamjeevan One whose life is naam alone Boy
Naamjodh Warrior absorbed in naam Boy
Naamjog Union with naam Boy
Naamjot Light of naam Boy
Naamnidhan Treasure of naam Boy
Naamniranjan One as immaculate as naam Boy
Naamnivas Dwelling in naam Boy
Naamprakash Radiating the light of naam Boy
Naampreet Love for naam, One who loves the lords being Boy
Naamraman One absorbed in naam Boy
Naamrang Imbued in naam Boy
Naamsaihaj Tranquillity in naam Boy
Naamsangat One who longs to be in naam Boy
Naamshant Finding peace through naam Boy
Naamsharan Shelter of naam Boy
Naamteerath Holy place of naam Boy
Naamuttam Exalted in naam Boy
Naamvichar Reflection on consciousness Boy
Nabdeep New lamp Boy
Nagander Sun Boy
Naginder Lord of mountain Boy
Naginderbir Brave mountain Boy
Naindeep Eyes full of light Boy
Naininder God in the eyes Boy
Naintaar Eyes full of light Boy
Naitarpal Protector of the eyes Boy
Nakshatra Heavenly body, A star, Pearl Boy
Namgeet One whose life is the song of naam Boy
Namitpal Humble protector Boy
Namjeet victory of lords name Boy
Namjeev One who lives absorbed in naam, Poet, Saint Boy
Namleen Absorbed in the lords essence Boy
Nampal Protector of naam Boy
Nampreet Love for naam, One who loves the lords being Boy
Namprem Love for gods name Boy
Namratan Jewel of a name Boy
Namritabir Humble and brave Boy
Namritadeep Humble lamp Boy
Namritajeet Victory of politeness Boy
Namritajot Light of humbleness Boy
Namritameet Modest friend Boy
Namritapreet Love for humbleness Boy
Namritbeer - Boy
Nanakdev Of gods family Boy
Nandanbir Brave son Boy
Nandanjeet Victory of the son Boy
Nandanjot Light of the son Boy
Nandanpreet Loving son Boy
Nanveer Light of the mind Boy
Narain A godly person Boy
Naranjan Supreme being of pure light Boy
Nardev A god-like person Boy
Narendra Leader of all human beings, King of men, The king Boy
Nareshbir Brave king Boy
Nareshjeet Victorious king Boy
Nareshpal Protector of king Boy
Narinder Leader of all human beings, King of men, The king Boy
Narinderbir Brave king Boy
Narinderdeep Kings lamp Boy
Narinderjot Kings light Boy
Narinderpal Protector of a Man of the God of heaven Boy
Naritpal Protector of king Boy
Narjeet Winner, Ruler of heart Boy
Narjodh Great warrior Boy
Narleet Imbued with king Boy
Narpreet Love for human being Boy
Narsev In the service of humanity Boy
Narveer Brave person Boy
Narvinder Brave Lord Boy
Nather Warner, Eyes Boy
Navaljyot A new Ray of light Boy
Navbir The new warrior Boy
Naveenjeet Novel victory Boy
Naveenjot Novel light Boy
Navijeet Ever-fresh victory Boy
Navinder Brave Lord Boy
Navjeet The new victory Boy
Navjeev The ever fresh life Boy
Navjeevan Everfresh life Boy
Navjinder Everfresh Lord Boy
Navjodh Novel warrior Boy
Navjot The new light, Always bright Boy
Navkiran New Sun rays of motivation Boy
Navkiranjeet Novel victory Boy
Navleen Love Boy
Navmeet Novel friend Boy
Navnihal The youth Boy
Navpreet New Love Boy
Navprem Noble Love Boy
Navraj Tune, New rule Boy
Navreet Fresh ritual, Angel Boy
Navroop New generation Boy
Navtej New light Boy
Nayandeep Light of the eye Boy
Nazarpreet Love for sight Boy
Neelamber Blue Sky, God of Sky Boy
Neelambir Sapphire warrior Boy
Neelamjeet Victory of sapphire Boy
Neelamjot Light of sapphire Boy
Neelampaul Preserver of sapphire Boy
Neelampreet Love for sapphire Boy
Neerajpaul Protector of lotus Boy
Neetiman Lawful Boy
Neetipal Protector of law Boy
Nehchalbir Immovable warrior Boy
Nehchaljot Immovable light Boy
Nehchalpreet One whose Love is true Boy
Nehchaltek One whose faith in God is steadfast Boy
Nekdeep Noble lamp Boy
Nekinder Decent king Boy
Nekjeet Noble victory Boy
Nekjot Noble light Boy
Neknam Good conduct Boy
Nekpaal Protector of nobility Boy
Nekroop Of noble form Boy
Nihchalbir Firm and brave Boy
Nihchaljeet Firm victory Boy
Nihchaljot Firm light Boy
Nihchalmeet Firm friend Boy
Nihchalpreet Firm Love Boy
Nihchalprem Firm Love Boy
Nihchaltek Firm support Boy
Nimai Adjusted, Ascetic Boy
Nimmapreet Love for modesty Boy
Nimmardeep Modest lamp Boy
Ninder One who sleeps well Boy
Ninderbir Brave with good sleep Boy
Ninderjeet Victorious with good sleep Boy
Ninderjot Light of good sleep Boy
Ninderpaul Preserver of good sleep Boy
Nir Ni Boy
Niranjan Simple Boy
Nirbaan Nirvana Boy
Nirbhau Without fear, Fearless Boy
Nirmalbir Holy and brave Boy
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy Boy
Nirmaldeep Holy lamp Boy
Nirmaldharam Religious holy virtues Boy
Nirmaljas Gods holy praises Boy
Nirmaljeet Victory of purity Boy
Nirmaljeev Holy being Boy
Nirmaljog Union with the holy one Boy
Nirmaljot Immaculate pure light Boy
Nirmalkaram One whose actions are holy Boy
Nirmalpreet Pure Love Boy
Nirmalprem Pure Love Boy
Nirmalsev Performing holy service Boy
Nirmaltek Support of holy one Boy
Nirmol Without price, Priceless, Invaluable Boy
Nirvair One who is without enmity, Hate (1) Boy
Nischaijeet Sure victory Boy
Nishaan Mark Boy
Nishandeep - Boy
Nitnam Ceaselessly remembers the Lord Boy
Noordeep A lamp of light Boy
Noordev Divine light Boy
Noorneet Eternal divine light Boy
Noorpreet Love for divine light Boy
Noulakh Of nine hundred thousand Boy
Nripinder Lord of kings Boy
Nripjot Light of king Boy
Navpreet Singh - Boy