Muslim Islamic arabic baby names for girls starting with first letter n meaning rashi gender

Well come to . Here is collection of Muslim names for girls starting with first letter n or modern islamic names for girls. We know that it is not an easy task for parents to give a unique and meaning full name to thier children thats why we have made a list of islamic Muslim arabic baby girls names with meaning rashi gender nakshatra. We have collection of modern as well as ancient Arabic male female names for the people who are serching for a perticular category.

Here is list of Pakistani Islamic names in alfabatical order A to Z names . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

We trust our effort to provide best Muslim for girls names will help you to find and chose best , unique and perfect name for your Baby :)


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Naafi Naafi 22 Girl
Naailah Some thing special, Acquirer, Obtainer, One who succeeds 1 Girl
Naajidah Courage, Successor, Help 3 Girl
Naasima Leader, Fem of Nasim, Zephyr, Gentle 22 Girl
Naaz Pride 6 Girl
Naazira One with healthy and Happy looks, Radiant 7 Girl
Naazneen Beautiful 8 Girl
Naba Famous, Good, Pious 9 Girl
Nabaha Fame, Nobility, Intelligence 9 Girl
Nabawiya Prophetic 4 Girl
Nabeeha Intelligent, Honest 9 Girl
Nabeela Noble 22 Girl
Nabeelah Noble, Magnanimous 3 Girl
Nabeesa - 2 Girl
Nabiha Intelligent, Honest 8 Girl
Nabihah Intelligent, Noble, Eminent 7 Girl
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and brave 9 Girl
Nabila Noble 3 Girl
Nabilah Noble, Magnanimous 11 Girl
Nabra - 9 Girl
Nada Dew, Generosity, Liberality 11 Girl
Nadaa Dew, Generosity, Liberality 3 Girl
Nadeah Full of dew 6 Girl
Nadeeda Equal, Rival 3 Girl
Nadesh God of river, Ocean, Hope 6 Girl
Nadheema Intimate friend 6 Girl
Nadia The beginning, First, Black 2 Girl
Nadida Rival, Equal 6 Girl
Nadima Intimate friend, Companion 6 Girl
Nadimah Friend 5 Girl
Nadira Pinnacle 11 Girl
Nadirah Rare, Precious 1 Girl
Nadiyah Caller, Announcer 8 Girl
Nadiyya Fem of nadi, Dew, Generosity 7 Girl
Nadra Rare, Unique 2 Girl
Nadwa Council, Generosity 4 Girl
Nadya Generous 9 Girl
Nadyne Flower 9 Girl
Naeema Blessing, Living An enjoyable life, Belonging to one 3 Girl
Nafay One who gets profit 2 Girl
Nafeesa Precious thing, Gem, Princess, Refined, Pure, Exquisite 1 Girl
Nafeesah Precious gem 5 Girl
Nafesa Precious thing, Gem, Princess, Refined, Pure, Exquisite 1 Girl
Nafia Profitable, Beneficial 22 Girl
Nafiah Profitable 3 Girl
Nafisa Precious thing, Gem, Princess, Refined, Pure, Exquisite 5 Girl
Nafisah Precious gem 4 Girl
Naflah Surplus, Overabundance 6 Girl
Nafrin - 8 Girl
Nageen Precious stone, Ring, Jewelry 1 Girl
Nageenah Precious stone, Ring, Jewelry 1 Girl
Nagheen Pearl 9 Girl
Naghma Melody, Song 8 Girl
Nagia The saved 5 Girl
Nagina Jewel 1 Girl
Nagma Nag devta, Song, Tune or a melody (1) 9 Girl
Nahal Small plant 9 Girl
Nahar The day 6 Girl
Naheed Honorable, Generosity 1 Girl
Naheeda Beautiful 11 Girl
Nahida Beautiful 1 Girl
Nahiya One who advises, Adviser 4 Girl
Nahiza Elevated, Diligent 5 Girl
Nahla A drink of water 9 Girl
Nahleejah Down to earth, Cool 1 Girl
Naida A nymph 2 Girl
Naifah This was the name of a well-known, Woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, Her advice was sought by the people in different affairs 3 Girl
Naila Acquirer, Obtained 1 Girl
Nailah Some thing special, Acquirer, Obtainer, One who succeeds 1 Girl
Naima Blessing, Living An enjoyable life, Belonging to one 2 Girl
Naimah Comfort, Amenity, Tranquility, Peace, Living a soft, Enjoyable life 3 Girl
Nain Eye 2 Girl
Naina Name of a Goddess, Beautiful eyed 3 Girl
Nainza Two eyes 11 Girl
Naira Shining, Glittering 7 Girl
Naja Successful 8 Girl
Najaah Success 8 Girl
Najaf City in Iraq 5 Girl
Najat Rescue, Salvation, Safety 1 Girl
Najdah Courage, Bravery 2 Girl
Najee In safety 8 Girl
Najeeba Noble, Excellent, Generous, Distinguished 11 Girl
Najia Saved, Liberated 8 Girl
Najiba Noble, Excellent, Generous, Distinguished 1 Girl
Najibah Noble birth, Distinguished 9 Girl
Najida Brave 3 Girl
Najidah Courage, Successor, Help 11 Girl
Najiha Successful, Prosperous 7 Girl
Najihah Victory 6 Girl
Najiya Safe 6 Girl
Najiyah Safe 5 Girl
Najla Of wide eyes 11 Girl
Najma A star, In middle of a group of stars 3 Girl
Najmah Star, Beautiful 2 Girl
Najmiyyah Star 7 Girl
Najmus Sahar The morning star 8 Girl
Najwa Confidential talk, Secret conversation 4 Girl
Najwan Saved, Liberated 9 Girl
Najya Name of a mountain, Victorious 6 Girl
Nakea Pure 5 Girl
Nakeya Pure 3 Girl
Nakhat Fragrance 1 Girl
Nakia Pure, Faithful 9 Girl
Nakiya Pure 7 Girl
Nama Gift, Present, Grace, Favor 11 Girl
Namar Name of a mountain 2 Girl
Nameera Delicious water, Pious woman 3 Girl
Namia Force to move forward, Force 2 Girl
Namirah Princess 1 Girl
Namra Delicious water 2 Girl
Namyla Quiet, Serious 3 Girl
Nangialai Honorable 5 Girl
Naqa Purity, Refinement, Clarity 6 Girl
Naqeebah Leader, Head, Chief 8 Girl
Naqiba Mind, Intellect, Leader 8 Girl
Naqiya Clear, Pure, Clean 4 Girl
Naraiman Pious Angel 8 Girl
Narenja Orange 9 Girl
Narges - 1 Girl
Nargis Daffodil, Narcissus flower (1) 5 Girl
Narjis Narcissus flower 8 Girl
Narmeen A flower, Delicate, Soft, Slender, Polite 7 Girl
Narmin A flower, Delicate, Soft, Slender, Polite 6 Girl
Naseeb Fait, Noble, Relative 1 Girl
Naseeba Noble, Highborn 2 Girl
Naseeka Piece of gold 2 Girl
Naseemah Breeze, Fresh air 3 Girl
Naseera Helper of God, One who helps, Glowing star 9 Girl
Naseerah Helper, Publisher, Diffuser, Spreader, Protector 8 Girl
Nasha Scent, Perfume 7 Girl
Nasheed Beautiful one 11 Girl
Nasheelah Honey comb 1 Girl
Nasheem Breath of fresh air, Morning air, Breeze 11 Girl
Nashema Wise, Blossom 7 Girl
Nashida Student 11 Girl
Nashika Indestructible 9 Girl
Nashirah Helper, Publisher, Diffuser, Spreader, Protector 6 Girl
Nashita Energetic and full of life 9 Girl
Nashitah Active, Energetic 8 Girl
Nashmia Garden of flowers 11 Girl
Nashrah Publisher, Spreader 6 Girl
Nashwa Elated, Exultant, Flushed (1) 3 Girl
Nashwaa Elated, Exultant, Flushed 22 Girl
Nasia Clear, Pure, Most beautiful one 8 Girl
Nasiba Noble, Highborn 1 Girl
Nasifa Just, Equitable 5 Girl
Nasifah Just, Equitable 4 Girl
Nasiha One who gives valuable advice 7 Girl
Nasihah Advisor 6 Girl
Nasila Honey that flows from the comb 2 Girl
Nasima Leader, Fem of Nasim, Zephyr, Gentle 3 Girl
Nasimah Breeze, Fresh air 11 Girl
Nasiqa One who forgives, Forgiver 7 Girl
Nasira Helper of God, One who helps, Glowing star 8 Girl
Nasirah Helper, Publisher, Diffuser, Spreader, Protector 7 Girl
Nasleena - 8 Girl
Natori Sacrifice 5 Girl
Naura Flower 1 Girl
Nauratan Flowers 9 Girl
Naureen Light, Honor 6 Girl
Naurus Bird in Arabic 22 Girl
Naushaba Elixir 22 Girl
Naushabah Elixir 3 Girl
Nausheen Happy, Sweet 6 Girl
Naushin Happy, Sweet 5 Girl
Nava Tune 11 Girl
Naveda Glad things 2 Girl
Nawar One who guards her self, Flower 3 Girl
Nawaylah - 4 Girl
Naweed Good news 7 Girl
Nawel Gift 1 Girl
Nawfa Excess, Surplus 9 Girl
Nawfaa High 1 Girl
Nawfalah Beautiful 3 Girl
Nawfan High 5 Girl
Nawla Gift, Present, Grant, Favor 6 Girl
Nawlah A narrator of Hadith 5 Girl
Nawra Blossom, Flower 3 Girl
Nawrah Blossom, Flower, Happiness 11 Girl