Muslim Islamic arabic baby names for boys starting with first letter f meaning rashi gender

Well come to . Here is collection of Muslim names for boys starting with first letter f or modern islamic names for boys. We know that it is not an easy task for parents to give a unique and meaning full name to thier children thats why we have made a list of islamic Muslim arabic baby boys names with meaning rashi gender nakshatra. We have collection of modern as well as ancient Arabic male female names for the people who are serching for a perticular category.

Here is list of Pakistani Islamic names in alfabatical order A to Z names . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

We trust our effort to provide best Muslim for boys names will help you to find and chose best , unique and perfect name for your Baby :)


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Faabis - 2 Boy
Faaiz Victorious, Triumphant, Gain 7 Boy
Faakhir Proud, Excellent 9 Boy
Faaris Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 9 Boy
Faateh Conqueror, Victory 5 Boy
Faaz Victorious, Successful 7 Boy
Fadhil Honorable or outstanding (1) 4 Boy
Fadi The redeemer 2 Boy
Fadil Honorable, Outstanding 5 Boy
Fadl Outstanding, Honorable 5 Boy
Fadl Allah Favor of Allah 3 Boy
Fadl Ullah Excellence of God 5 Boy
Faeem Famed 3 Boy
Faeq Surpassing, Excellent 2 Boy
Faghir A flower name 4 Boy
Fahad Lynx, Panther 2 Boy
Fahd Lynx 1 Boy
Fahdah Leopard 1 Boy
Fahdi Strong 1 Boy
Faheel Intelligent 1 Boy
Faheem Intelligent, Beautiful 11 Boy
Fahim Intelligent, Beautiful 1 Boy
Fahimat Understanding 4 Boy
Fahmad - 6 Boy
Fahmat Comprehension 22 Boy
Fahmi Intelligent, Discerning 1 Boy
Fahmin Responsible Man 6 Boy
Fahmun Intelligent 9 Boy
Fahyim Very clever 8 Boy
Faid | Benefit, Advantage, Gain 2 Boy
Faihami Understanding 11 Boy
Faik Surpassing, Excellent, Leader 9 Boy
Faiq Excellent, Outstanding 6 Boy
Faisal Decisive 3 Boy
Faiyaz Artistic 5 Boy
Faiz Victorious, Triumphant, Gain 6 Boy
Faizaan Favorite, Beneficence, Generosity, Abundance, Benefit 4 Boy
Faizan Favorite, Beneficence, Generosity, Abundance, Benefit 3 Boy
Faizeen Honest 3 Boy
Faizi Endowed with superabundance 6 Boy
Faizul Anwar - 6 Boy
Faizulah Plenty and bounty from God 3 Boy
Faizulah Plenty and bounty from God 3 Boy
Faizullah Abundance from Allah 6 Boy
Fajaruddin The first 7 Boy
Fajer Morning 22 Boy
Fakeeh Cheerful, Legal expert, One who recites the Quran 9 Boy
Fakhir Proud, Excellent 8 Boy
Fakhr Al Din Pride of the faith 3 Boy
Fakhr-Ud-Dawlah Glory of kingdom, State 1 Boy
Fakhruddin Pride of the faith 6 Boy
Fakhr-Ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam) 6 Boy
Fakhrul Proud 5 Boy
Fakhry Honorary 6 Boy
Fakih Cheerful, Legal expert, One who recites the Quran 8 Boy
Fakruddin Emperor 7 Boy
Falah Success 1 Boy
Falak The Sky, Breeze 4 Boy
Faleeh Successful 1 Boy
Falih Fortunate, Lucky, Successful 9 Boy
Faliq One that divides into two, Creator 9 Boy
Falooh Winner 3 Boy
Faoz Success, Victory, Advantage 3 Boy
Faqeed Rare, Special 11 Boy
Faqeeh Jurist, Scholar of religious laws, Wise, Scholar in fight (Islam) 6 Boy
Faqih Jurist, Scholar of religious laws, Wise, Scholar in fight (Islam) 5 Boy
Faqir Poor, Needy 6 Boy
Faraan Happy, Advances 5 Boy
Farafisa Name of a companion 7 Boy
Farahat Joys, Delights 1 Boy
Farahat Joys, Delights 1 Boy
Faraj Comfort, Relief, Ease, Repose 9 Boy
Faran Happy, Advances 22 Boy
Farasat Perception, Sagacity 3 Boy
Faraz Equitable 7 Boy
Farbod Right, Orthodox 1 Boy
Fard Another name of God, Unequalled, Unique 2 Boy
Fardad - 7 Boy
Fardden - 7 Boy
Fardeen Radiant 8 Boy
Fareed Unique, Matchless, Precious 9 Boy
Fardeen Radiant 8 Boy
Fareeq Lieutenant general 7 Boy
Farees Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 9 Boy
Farhad Happiness 11 Boy
Farhan Glad, Joyful 3 Boy
Farhang Good breeding 1 Boy
Farhat Happiness 9 Boy
Fari Tall, Towering, Lofty 7 Boy
Fari Tall, Towering, Lofty 7 Boy
Farid Unique, Matchless, Precious 11 Boy
Fariduddin Unique of the religion (Islam) 9 Boy
Faridun Three times strong 1 Boy
Farih Happy, Delight 8 Boy
Farin Adventurous 3 Boy
Fariq Another name of God, Separating, Eminent 6 Boy
Farique Separator 5 Boy
Faris Horseman, Knight, Intelligent 8 Boy
Fariyaz - 5 Boy
Fariz Promising, Determined 6 Boy
Farj Excellent, Eminent in learning (1) 8 Boy
Farjad Excellent, Eminent in learning 22 Boy
Farjam Perfect 22 Boy
Farjam Boy
Farjam Boy
Farukh One who distinguishes truth from falsehood, Power of discrimination 11 Boy
Faruq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood 9 Boy
Farjam Boy
Fuwad Heart 1 Boy
Futuh Victories, Conquests 22 Boy
Furud Singularity 7 Boy
Furqan Quran Sharif, Criterion 5 Boy
Furqaan Quran Sharif, Criterion 6 Boy
Furozh Light 4 Boy
Furoogh Splendor, Light, Brightness 9 Boy
Fujai Companion of prophet Muhammad 2 Boy
Fuhaid Little leopard 4 Boy
Fudail Excellent in character 8 Boy
Fuad Heart 5 Boy
Fizan Popularity 11 Boy
Fitah Right direction 8 Boy
Firuz Successful, Turquoise, Gem stone 8 Boy
Firoz Successful, Turquoise, Gem stone 11 Boy
Firoj - 4 Boy
Firdos Paradise, Heaven, Garden 8 Boy
Firdaus Paradise 6 Boy
Firasah Perspicacity, Acumen 8 Boy
Firas Knight, Perspicacious 8 Boy
Firaas Knight, Perspicacious 9 Boy
Fikri Thought, Ideas 8 Boy
Fikhar Honor, Pride, Glory 8 Boy
Fihr Stone pestle 5 Boy
Fidyan Person who makes sacrifice 5 Boy
Fidaa Redemption or sacrifice 3 Boy
Ferran Baker 8 Boy
Feroz Successful, Turquoise, Gem stone 7 Boy
Ferin West wind 7 Boy
Ferdous Paradise 7 Boy
Ferdnan Sunshine 8 Boy
Febin - 9 Boy
Fazlullah Bounty of Allah 9 Boy
Fazli Kind, Bountiful, Graceful 9 Boy
Fazl Favor, Grace, Kindness 9 Boy
Faziuddin Bounty of religion (Islam) 4 Boy
Fazil An accomplished person 9 Boy
Fazan Ruler 3 Boy
Fazalah - 1 Boy
Fazal Grace 1 Boy
Fayzan Beneficence 1 Boy
Fayyaz Generous, Munificent 3 Boy
Fayyad Overflowing, Generous 8 Boy
Faysal Decisive 1 Boy
Fayiz Victor 4 Boy
Fayis The winner 6 Boy
Fayij - 6 Boy
Fayek Surpassing, Excellent, Superior, Outstanding 3 Boy
Fayd Abundance 9 Boy
Fayaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generous 5 Boy
Fayaaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generous 6 Boy
Fawzy Triumphant, Victorious 9 Boy
Fawzan Successful 8 Boy
Fawwaz Successful 8 Boy
Fawaz Successful 3 Boy
Fawad Heart 8 Boy
Fattooh The little conqueror 4 Boy
Fattan Charming, Bright 8 Boy
Fattah One who attains victory 2 Boy
Fatin Captivating, Clever, Smart, Fascinating 5 Boy
Fatik Crystal 2 Boy
Fatih One who eases difficulties 8 Boy
Fathullah Victory granted by Allah 8 Boy
Fath Victory 8 Boy
Fatan Intelligent, Sagacious 6 Boy
Fastiq Another name of God, One who rips apart 9 Boy