Muslim Islamic arabic baby names Muslim boys girls names meaning rashi gender

Well come to . Here is collection of Muslim names for boys and girls or modern islamic names for boys and girls. We know that it is not an easy task for parents to give a unique and meaning full name to thier children thats why we have made a list of islamic Muslim arabic baby for boys and girls names with meaning rashi gender nakshatra. We have collection of modern as well as ancient Arabic male female names for the people who are serching for a perticular category.

Here is list of Pakistani Islamic names in alfabatical order A to Z names . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

We trust our effort to provide best Muslim for boys and girls names will help you to find and chose best , unique and perfect name for your Baby :)


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Aaki - 4 Boy
Ayan God gift 5 Boy
Aabdar Bright, Like glass 9 Boy
Aabid Worshipper 8 Boy
Aabis Lucky 5 Boy
Aadam The first prophet of Allah 11 Boy
Aadheen Obedient, Submissive 11 Boy
Aadhil Honorable judge 8 Boy
Aadil Justice 9 Boy
Aafa Forgiver 9 Boy
Aafreen Encouragement 5 Boy
Aakif Attached 1 Boy
Aalee Sublime, Lofty, High 6 Boy
Aali High, Tall 5 Boy
Aalim Religious scholar 9 Boy
Aamil Doer, Work Man 9 Boy
Aamir Populous, Full, Prosperous 6 Boy
Aaqib Follower 3 Boy
Aaqil Intelligent 22 Boy
Aaraiz - 11 Boy
Aarib Handsome, Healthy 22 Boy
Aariz Respectable Man, Intelligent 1 Boy
Aaron Light bringer, Exalted high 22 Boy
Aarzam War, Battle, Quarrel 6 Boy
Aarzoo Wish 4 Boy
Aarzu Wish, Hope, Love 22 Boy
Aas Hope 3 Boy
Aasaal Evening time, Real, Pure 8 Boy
Aashif Bold, Courageous 8 Boy
Aashiq Adorer, Lover, Suitor 1 Boy
Aashiq Ali Adorer of Ali 5 Boy
Aashiq Muhammad Aashiq Muhammad 3 Boy
Aashir Living 11 Boy
Aasif An able minister 9 Boy
Aasim Protector 7 Boy
Aasir Captivating, Fascinating 3 Boy
Aatif Kind affectionate 1 Boy
Aatiq Kind affectionate 3 Boy
Aatish {h}Name of Ganesh, {m}fire 22 Boy
Aauf (Awf) guest, Fragrance, Lion 11 Boy
Aaus Name of a tree 6 Boy
Aayan God's gift 6 Boy
Aayid - 22 Boy
Aazad Free, Independent 6 Boy
Aazan God hears 7 Boy
Aazif - 7 Boy
Aazim Determined 5 Boy
Aazim Determined 5 Boy
Aazim Determined 5 Boy
Abaan More clear 1 Boy
Abahat Correct, Accurate 6 Boy
Abahh - 2 Boy
Aban More clear 9 Boy
Abasin The Indus river 1 Boy
Abbaas Description of a lion 8 Boy
Abbad A great worshiper of Allah 1 Boy
Abbas Description of a lion 7 Boy
Abbood Devoted worshipper of Allah 3 Boy
Abbud Worshipper 3 Boy
Abbudin Worshippers 8 Boy
Abd Servant, Devotee, Slave 7 Boy
Abd Al-Ala Slave of the high 7 Boy
Abd Khayr Khayr is all kinds of goodness 7 Boy
Abdah Nick Name of abdur - Rehman 7 Boy
Abdal Slave of the high 11 Boy
Abdan Is derived from Abd, A Man 4 Boy
Abdeali Follower of Ali 7 Boy
Abdud Daar Servant of the depriver 11 Boy
Abdul Knowledge 4 Boy
Abdul Aakhir Servant of the last 7 Boy
Abdul Aalee Servant of the most high 1 Boy
Abdul Adal Servant of the just 22 Boy
Abdul Adheem Servant of the most great 4 Boy
Abdul Adl Slave of the just 3 Boy
Abdul Afuw Slave of the one who pardons 1 Boy
Abdul Ahad Slave of he who is one Allah 9 Boy
Abdul Aleem Servant of the all-knowing 4 Boy
Abdul Ali Servant of the most high 8 Boy
Abdul Alim Servant of the omniscient 3 Boy
Abdul Asif Knowledge 3 Boy
Abdul Awwal Slave of the first one 1 Boy
Abdul Azeez Servant of the mighty, The powerful 4 Boy
Abdul Azib Knowledge 6 Boy
Abdul Azim Servant of the mighty 8 Boy
Abdul Aziz Servant of the almighty 3 Boy
Abdul Baaqi Servant of the everlasting 7 Boy
Abdul Baari Servant of the creator 8 Boy
Abdul Baasit Servant of the expander 11 Boy
Abdul Badee Slave of the originator 3 Boy
Abdul Badi Servant of the incomparable 11 Boy
Abdul Baith Slave of the one who raises death 8 Boy
Abdul Baqi Slave of the eternal 6 Boy
Abdul Bari Slave of the creator 7 Boy
Abdul Barr Servant of the source of goodness 7 Boy
Abdul Baseer Slave of the all-seeing 9 Boy
Abdul Basir Servant of the all seeing 8 Boy
Abdul Batin Servant of the inward 5 Boy
Abdul Dhahir Servant of the manifest 7 Boy
Abdul Fattah Slave of the giver of victory 6 Boy
Abdul Ghaffar Servant of the all-forgiving 6 Boy
Abdul Ghafoor Servant of the forgiver 11 Boy
Abdul Ghafur Servant of the all-forgiving 11 Boy
Abdul Ghani Servant of the self sufficient 7 Boy
Abdul Haafiz Servant of the guardian (Allah) 1 Boy
Abdul Hadi Servant of the guide 8 Boy
Abdul Hafeedh Servant of the preserver 5 Boy
Abdul Hafeez Servant of the guardian (Allah) 1 Boy
Abdul Hafiz Servant of the protector 9 Boy
Abdul Hakam Servant of the arbitrator 11 Boy
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the wise 11 Boy
Abdul Hakim Servant of the wise one 1 Boy
Abdul Haleem Servant of the forbearing one 3 Boy
Abdul Halim Servant of the patient one 11 Boy
Abdul Hameed Servant of the praiseworthy, The ever praised 4 Boy
Abdul Hamid Servant of the praised one 3 Boy
Abdul Hannan Slave of the merciful 11 Boy
Abdul Haq Servant of the truth (Allah) 3 Boy
Abdul Haqq Servant of the truth 11 Boy
Abdul Haseeb Servant of the respected, Esteemed 8 Boy
Abdul Hassan (The son of Ali) 3 Boy
Abdul Hayy Slave of the living 9 Boy
Abdul Jabaar Servant of the mighty 1 Boy
Abdul Jabar Servant of the mighty 9 Boy
Abdul Jabbar Servant of the compeller 11 Boy
Abdul Jaleel Servant of the great, Revered 4 Boy
Abdul Jalil Servant of the exalted (Allah) 3 Boy
Abdul Jame Servant of the gatherer 6 Boy
Abdul Jawwad Slave of the bountiful 3 Boy
Abdul Kabir Slave of the great 9 Boy
Abdul Kafi Servant of the all-sufficient (Allah) 4 Boy
Abdul Kareem Servant of the noble and generous 3 Boy
Abdul Karim Servant of the noble, Generous one 11 Boy
Abdul Khabir Slave of the one who is aware 8 Boy
Abdul Khafiz Servant of the descender 11 Boy
Abdul Khaliq Servant of the creator 8 Boy
Abdul Lateef Servant of the kind 8 Boy
Abdul Latif Servant of the all-gentle (Allah) 7 Boy
Abdul Maajid Slave of the excellence 6 Boy
Abdul Maalik Servant of the owner (Allah) 6 Boy
Abdul Maane Servant of the withholder 11 Boy
Abdul Majeed Servant of the glorious 6 Boy
Abdul Majid Servant of the noble 5 Boy
Abdul Malik Servant of the king (Allah) 5 Boy
Abdul Mani Slave of one who prevents 5 Boy
Abdul Mannan Slave of the benefactor 7 Boy
Abdul Mateen Slave of the firm 8 Boy
Abdul Matin Servant of the strong (Allah) 7 Boy
Abdul Moakhir Servant of the retarder 7 Boy
Abdul Moez Servant of the honored 9 Boy
Abdul Mohsi Servant of the surrounded 5 Boy
Abdul Momit Servant of the death-giver 11 Boy
Abdul Moqit Servant of the energizer 6 Boy
Abdul Mubdee Slave of the originator 9 Boy
Abdul Mubdi Servant of the originator 8 Boy
Abdul Mueed Slave of the restorer 7 Boy
Abdul Mughni Servant of the enricher 4 Boy
Abdul Muhaimin Servant of the all-preserver 11 Boy
Abdul Muhaymin Slave of the protector 9 Boy
Abdul Muhsi Servant of the reckoner 11 Boy
Abdul Muhsin Slave of the benefactor 7 Boy
Abdul Muhyee Slave of the one who gives life and sustains it 9 Boy
Abdul Muid Servant of the restorer 6 Boy
Abdul Muiz Slave of the honored 1 Boy
Abdul Mujeeb Servant of the responsive 6 Boy
Abdul Mujib Servant of the answerer 5 Boy
Abdul Mumin Servant of the guardian of faith 11 Boy
Abdul Munim Servant of the benefactor (Allah) 11 Boy
Abdul Muntaqim Servant of the revenger 4 Boy
Abdul Muqaddim Servant of the promoter 5 Boy
Abdul Muqeet Slave of the sustainer 4 Boy
Abdul Muqsit Slave of the just 4 Boy
Abdul Muqtadir Servant of the powerful 8 Boy
Abdul Musawwir Servant of the fashioner (Allah) 5 Boy
Abdul Mutaal Servant of the most high 9 Boy
Abdul Mutakabbir Servant of the superb 3 Boy
Abdul Mutali Servant of the most high (Allah) 8 Boy
Abdul Muti Slave of the giver 4 Boy
Abdul Muttalib - 3 Boy
Abdul Muzanni A narrator of Hadith 3 Boy
Abdul Nafi Slave of the propitious 7 Boy
Abdul Naseer Slave of the helper 3 Boy
Abdul Nihab Knowledge 11 Boy
Abdul Noor Slave of the one who is light 3 Boy
Abdul Nur Servant of the light 3 Boy
Abdul Qaadir Servant of the capable 9 Boy
Abdul Qabiz Servant of the withholder 5 Boy
Abdul Qadeer Servant of the powerful (Allah) 9 Boy
Abdul Qadir Servant of the powerful (Allah) 8 Boy
Abdul Qahaar Servant of the subduer, The almighty 5 Boy
Abdul Qahhar Servant of the subduer 3 Boy
Abdul Qahir Servant of the subduer (Allah) 3 Boy
Abdul Qaiyoum Servant of the self-sustaining 6 Boy
Abdul Qawi Servant of the mighty (Allah) 9 Boy
Abdul Qayyum Slave of the self-subsistent 7 Boy
Abdul Quddus Servant of the all-holy (Allah) 9 Boy
Abdul Qudoos Servant of the most holy 5 Boy
Abdul Raafi Servant of the one who raises intellect, Esteem, One who elevates 3 Boy
Abdul Rabb Slave of the Lord 9 Boy
Abdul Rafi Slave of the exalter 11 Boy
Abdul Raheem Servant of the most compassionate 9 Boy