Hindu Baby Names starting with letter c girl names with meaning Rashi

Are you searching for Hindu baby names with meaning ? Then you are at the right place here, you will find list of modern Hindu baby boys names and girls name with meanings and Rashi.

How Hindu's give name to their baby

In india Hinduism is the bigest comunity . Hindu people give name to their baby very carefully . When a baby takes birth in a hindu family after few days they call a Brhammin to their house and give him birth details of a baby like birthdate and birth time , from this information Brahmin makes janam kundli of that baby and decides the Rashi and Nakshatra for that baby and from that Rashi and Nakshatra he gives first letter to the family and family have to decide the name for baby from that letter given to them by a hindu bhrahmin .

Here on kidsname.info we have list of all modern hindu baby boys and girls names with Rashi nakshatra gender religion and numerology , we have collection of Indian hindu baby names indian nicknames and most popular names in indian , here you can find names of hindu religion and select the one for your baby :)

Hindu Baby Names Nicknames starting with letter c girl names With Rashi Meaning Gender Numerology

Hindu Baby Boys names with letter


Hindu Baby Girls names with letter


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Camerina - 1 Girl
Cammy - 1 Girl
Cauvery Same as Cauvery name of a river 5 Girl
Chaahana Longing, Affection 1 Girl
Chaamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda 3 Girl
Chaarani A bird 1 Girl
Chaarvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman 8 Girl
Chaaya Shadow 3 Girl
Chaayavati Name of a Raga 1 Girl
Chahana Longing, Desired, Affection 9 Girl
Chaheti Lovely, Lovable for all 9 Girl
Chahna Love 8 Girl
Chainika Specially selected chosen one 11 Girl
Chairavali Full Moon of Chaitra month 3 Girl
Chaitaalee Born in th month of chaitra/ ancient city 11 Girl
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory 9 Girl
Chaitaly Name of An ancient city 7 Girl
Chaitana Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour 3 Girl
Chaithana Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour, *, Vigour, Sunflower seed 11 Girl
Chaithra New bright light.aries sign 5 Girl
Chaitna Sunflower seed 11 Girl
Chaitra New bright light.aries sign 6 Girl
Chaitravi - 1 Girl
Chaitri Born in Spring, Beautiful, Happy 5 Girl
Chaitrika Very clever 8 Girl
Chakori A bird enamored of the Moon 11 Girl
Chakradharini The Goddess who is armed with a wheel 6 Girl
Chakranhi - 1 Girl
Chakria Goddess Lakshmi 6 Girl
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel 8 Girl
Chakrikaa Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel 9 Girl
Chakshani Good looking, Brilliant 11 Girl
Chalama Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Chalsia Landing place or port, Seaport. place name (1) 8 Girl
Chambal A river in india covers Uttar Pradesh and madhya Pradesh 22 Girl
Chamini Unknown 3 Girl
Champa A flower 6 Girl
Champabati The capital 11 Girl
Champakali A bud of Champa 3 Girl
Champakavathi Owner of Champak trees 6 Girl
Champakmala Garland of Champa flowers 8 Girl
Champamalini Garland of Champa flower 1 Girl
Champika Little Champa flower 8 Girl
Chamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda 11 Girl
Chanakshi - 11 Girl
Chanasya Delighting, Pleasant, Wonderful 9 Girl
Chanasyaa Delighting, Pleasant 1 Girl
Chanchala Restless, Active, Agile 6 Girl
Chanchari Bird, Vortex of water 11 Girl
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi 9 Girl
Chanda The Moon 22 Girl
Chandaa Moon female 5 Girl
Chandaghanta One who has mighty bells 1 Girl
Chandalini Glorious 3 Girl
Chandamundavinashini Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and munda 9 Girl
Chandana Scented wood or sandalwood 1 Girl
Chandani A river, Moon light 9 Girl
Chandanika Diminutive 3 Girl
Chandasri Moon, Cool like the Moon, Goddess Lakshmi (1) 5 Girl
Chandhana Scented wood or sandalwood (1) 9 Girl
Chandhini Moon light or a river, Star (1) 7 Girl
Chandhraka The Moon 6 Girl
Chandi Great Goddess 3 Girl
Chandika Diminutive of Chandana 6 Girl
Chandini Moon light or a river, Star 8 Girl
Chandni A river, Moon light 8 Girl
Chandnika - 11 Girl
Chandrabali Krishnas friend 1 Girl
Chandrabhaga River Chenab 5 Girl
Chandrabindu Crescent Moon 9 Girl
Chandraharika - 7 Girl
Chandraja Daughter of the Moon 6 Girl
Chandrajyothi Moon light 1 Girl
Chandrajyoti Moon light 11 Girl
Chandrakala Moonbeams 11 Girl
Chandrakali 1/16th of the Moon 1 Girl
Chandrakantha The Moon, Moon stone, Wife of the Moon 5 Girl
Chandrakanti Moon light 5 Girl
Chandraki Peacock 6 Girl
Chandrakin A peacock 11 Girl
Chandralekha Ray of Moon 5 Girl
Chandraleksha A Ray of the Moon 6 Girl
Chandralika - 1 Girl
Chandramaa Moon 1 Girl
Chandramani Moonstone, Jewel 5 Girl
Chandramasi Wife of Brihaspati 1 Girl
Chandramathi As beautiful as the Moon 1 Girl
Chandramukhi As beautiful as the Moon 3 Girl
Chandrani Wife of the Moon (Wife of the Moon) 9 Girl
Chandraprabha Star, Moon light 5 Girl
Chandrapushpa Star, Moon light 4 Girl
Chandrarupa Goddess Laxmi 6 Girl
Chandrasahodari Sister of the Moon 7 Girl
Chandratara The Moon and the stars conjoined 8 Girl
Chandravadana Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi 11 Girl
Chandravathi Lit by the Moon 1 Girl
Chirasvi - 8 Girl
Chistha River tributary 5 Girl
Chita Death-bed 5 Girl
Chithanya Energy, Enthusiasm 8 Girl
Chithanyalatha - 5 Girl
Chithira Name of a star 1 Girl
Chithra Painting, Picture, A Nakshatra 4 Girl
Chithrabhanu Crown flower plant, Fire 5 Girl
Chithragandha A fragrant material 3 Girl
Chithramani Name of a Raga 5 Girl
Chithrambari Name of a Raga 11 Girl
Chiti Love 4 Girl
Chitkala Knowledge 11 Girl
Chitradevi Goddess Saraswati 9 Girl
Chitragandha A fragrant material 4 Girl
Chitrakshi Colorful eyes 7 Girl
Chitralekha As beautiful as a picture 6 Girl
Chitrali A row of pictures 8 Girl
Chitramala Series of pictures 5 Girl
Chitramaya Worldly illusion 9 Girl
Chitrangada One of arjunas wives 5 Girl
Chitrangi - 8 Girl
Chitrani River Ganga 1 Girl
Chitranshi Part of big picture 1 Girl
Chitrarathi With a bright chariot 7 Girl
Chitrarekha Picture 3 Girl
Chitrathi A bright chariot 6 Girl
Chitrika - 7 Girl
Chitrini Beautiful woman with artistic talents 9 Girl
Chitrita Picturesque 7 Girl
Chittaranjani Name of a Raga 11 Girl
Chittarupa One who is in thought-state 9 Girl
Chndraja Daughter of the Moon 5 Girl
Choodamani Crest jewel 11 Girl
Chumban Kiss 8 Girl
Chumki - 11 Girl
Chunni A star 6 Girl
Chutki Little one 9 Girl
Coral Semi-precious sea growth often Deep pink, Red (1) 22 Girl
Chandravati Lit by the Moon 11 Girl
Chandreyee Moons daughter 7 Girl
Chandrika Moonlight 6 Girl
Chandrima The Moon 8 Girl
Changuna A good woman 6 Girl
Chann Beauteous, Beloved 22 Girl
Channakka Beautiful lady 1 Girl
Channaya Eminent 4 Girl
Chapala Restless, Lighting 6 Girl
Chara Quiet and frisky 22 Girl
Charani A bird 9 Girl
Charanya - 8 Girl
Chardy The meaning of Chardy is a burning fire that desires Love and yet is always alone 5 Girl
Charishma Blissful 8 Girl
Charita Good, One having a very clean character 6 Girl
Charitavya - 9 Girl
Charitha Good, One having a very clean character 5 Girl
Charithra History 5 Girl
Charithriya History 3 Girl
Charithya Good, One having a very clean character 3 Girl
Charitra History 6 Girl
Charitrya History 4 Girl
Charmi Lovely 7 Girl
Charmy Charming 5 Girl
Charuhasa Goddess Durga 8 Girl
Charukeshi Name of a Raga 4 Girl
Charul Beautiful 9 Girl
Charula Beautiful 1 Girl
Charulata Beautiful creeper 4 Girl
Charulatha Beautiful creeper 3 Girl
Charulekha Beautiful picture 7 Girl
Charumathi Beautiful mind 3 Girl
Charumati Beautiful mind 4 Girl
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes 1 Girl
Charuprabha Beautiful 7 Girl
Charuroopa Goddess Durga 8 Girl
Charusheela The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel 11 Girl
Charushila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel 1 Girl
Charusila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel 11 Girl
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile 5 Girl
Charusmitha One having beautiful smile 4 Girl
Charuta Beautiful girl, Loveliness 9 Girl
Charutha Beautiful girl, Loveliness 8 Girl
Charuvardhani Name of a Raga 11 Girl
Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman 7 Girl
Chasmitha - 1 Girl
Chathura Wise, Clever 8 Girl
Chatima Beautiful 1 Girl