Hindu Baby Names starting with letter h boy names with meaning Rashi

Are you searching for Hindu baby names with meaning ? Then you are at the right place here, you will find list of modern Hindu baby boys names and girls name with meanings and Rashi.

How Hindu's give name to their baby

In india Hinduism is the bigest comunity . Hindu people give name to their baby very carefully . When a baby takes birth in a hindu family after few days they call a Brhammin to their house and give him birth details of a baby like birthdate and birth time , from this information Brahmin makes janam kundli of that baby and decides the Rashi and Nakshatra for that baby and from that Rashi and Nakshatra he gives first letter to the family and family have to decide the name for baby from that letter given to them by a hindu bhrahmin .

Here on kidsname.info we have list of all modern hindu baby boys and girls names with Rashi nakshatra gender religion and numerology , we have collection of Indian hindu baby names indian nicknames and most popular names in indian , here you can find names of hindu religion and select the one for your baby :)

Hindu Baby Names Nicknames starting with letter h boy names With Rashi Meaning Gender Numerology

Hindu Baby Boys names with letter


Hindu Baby Girls names with letter


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Hakamjeet Victory of the ruler - Boy
Hanspal Protector of great soul 8 Boy
Hansraj King of swans 8 Boy
Hansroop Pure body/persona 7 Boy
Happy Happy 3 Boy
Har Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Haradhaar Lords support 6 Boy
Haranoop The perfect God 7 Boy
Harbans Of gods family 9 Boy
Harbeer Warrior of God 3 Boy
Harbhaag Blessed with fortune of God 1 Boy
Harbhagat Devotee of God 3 Boy
Harbhagwant Didicated devotee of God 4 Boy
Harbhajan Lords devotee 9 Boy
Harbhavan House of the Lord 3 Boy
Harbin Courageous like God 7 Boy
Harbinder Glorious warrior 7 Boy
Harbinod One who delights in God 8 Boy
Harbir Warrior of God 11 Boy
Harcharan One who is at gods feet, Gods light 9 Boy
Harcharanjit Victory at lords feet 3 Boy
Harcharanpal Protector of lords feet 11 Boy
Hardas Slave of God 6 Boy
Hardayal One on whom there is gods grace, Gods mercy 7 Boy
Hardeep Gods light 3 Boy
Hardeesh Lord of lords 5 Boy
Hardeet Given by God 7 Boy
Hardev The highest God 4 Boy
Hardhan Earning the wealth of naam 9 Boy
Hardharam Holy person abiding by God will 9 Boy
Hardhian The one absorbed in the Lord 9 Boy
Hardhyan The one absorbed in the Lord 7 Boy
Hardial One on whom there is gods grace, Gods mercy 8 Boy
Hardip Strong 11 Boy
Hardit Given by God 6 Boy
Hargobind A part of God 6 Boy
Hargun One having godly merits 6 Boy
Haricharan Feet of the Lord 9 Boy
Haridarshan Having the vision of God 11 Boy
Harikiran Rays of God 8 Boy
Harikirtan Hymns of God 1 Boy
Harimandir Temple of God 11 Boy
Harinarayn Imperishable God 1 Boy
Harinder Lord 5 Boy
Harinderbir Brave as the Lord 7 Boy
Harinderjeet Lords victory 9 Boy
Harinprakash Gods light 7 Boy
Haripreet Beloved of gods 1 Boy
Harisaadh Devotee of the Lord 6 Boy
Harisangat Lords company 8 Boy
Harisaroop With An appearance like God 3 Boy
Harisharan Protection of Hari 7 Boy
Harisimaran Meditating the lords name 3 Boy
Haritej Glow of the Lord 8 Boy
Harjap One who meditates on the Lord 9 Boy
Harjas Praise of the God 3 Boy
Harjee God 11 Boy
Harjeet Victorious 4 Boy
Harjeev One who lives god-oriented life 6 Boy
Harjinder Life which has been granted by God, God of heaven 6 Boy
Harjiwan One who lives god-oriented live 3 Boy
Harjodh Courageous like God 1 Boy
Harjog One in union with God 5 Boy
Harjot Gods light 9 Boy
Harjugat Uniting with God 5 Boy
Harjyot Gods light 7 Boy
Harkamal Lotus like God 11 Boy
Harkaranjit Victory on behalf of God 3 Boy
Harkeerat Singing gods praise 6 Boy
Harkewal The only God 7 Boy
Harkinder - 7 Boy
Harkiranjeet Victory of gods light 3 Boy
Harkirat Singer of gods praise 5 Boy
Harkiratpal Protector of the gods praisers 7 Boy
Harkirpal Bestowed with God grace 4 Boy
Harlaal Beloved of God 8 Boy
Harman Everybodys beloved 1 Boy
Harmandarpal Protector of the house of God 8 Boy
Harmander Temple, Guru da mander 11 Boy
Harmandir Temple of God 5 Boy
Harmanjeet Victory of gods heart 5 Boy
Harmanjodh Warrior of gods heart 11 Boy
Harmanpal Protector of gods heart 3 Boy
Harmanjot Light of gods heart 1 Boy
Harmanpreet Love from gods heart 11 Boy
Harmeet Gods friend 7 Boy
Harmehar Gods grace 9 Boy
Harmendra The Moon 1 Boy
Harmilan Union with God 4 Boy
Harmit Gods friend 6 Boy
Harmnaad 6 6 Boy
Harmohan Gods sweetheart, Captivating God 6 Boy
Harmohanjit Warrior captivating God 9 Boy
Harmoorat Embodiment of God 1 Boy
Harnam Love of gods naam 1 Boy
Harnarayn Imperishable God 1 Boy
Harneet Original God 8 Boy
Harnek Gods noble one 3 Boy
Harnidh Gods treasure 8 Boy
Harnarayn Imperishable God 1 Boy
Harnihal Blissful in gods remembrance 8 Boy
Harnirmal Holy like God 4 Boy
Harnish Remove the night and spread the light 5 Boy
Harnoor Light of God 8 Boy
Harpal One protected by God 11 Boy
Harparsann One with whom God is pleased 11 Boy
Harpiara Gods beloved 9 Boy
Harpinder Gods home 3 Boy
Harpreet Lover of God 1 Boy
Harpremjit Winning the Love of God 1 Boy
Harprit Lover of God 9 Boy
Harpuneet Clean, Pure like God 9 Boy
Harpurakh Gods exalted person 3 Boy
Harrai Gods Prince 1 Boy
Harsajjan Gods friend and beloved 1 Boy
Harsangat Remaining in the company of God 8 Boy
Harsanjog Union with God 3 Boy
Harsevak Gods servant 9 Boy
Harshaan Lustrous splendor of God 7 Boy
Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord 7 Boy
Harshbir Happy brace 11 Boy
Harsheet Joyous 3 Boy
Harshwardhan Conquered pleasure 6 Boy
Harsimar Who rember God 6 Boy
Harsimrit Memory of God 7 Boy
Harsimritpal Protection in the memory of God 9 Boy
Harteerath Holy place of God 5 Boy
Harteij Radiance of Lord 8 Boy
Hartej Radiance of God 8 Boy
Hartejpal Protector of the glow of God 1 Boy
Hartirath Holy place of God 4 Boy
Harveen Next to God 1 Boy
Harveer Brave as God 5 Boy
Harvichaar One who reflects on God 8 Boy
Harvinder God of heaven 9 Boy
Harvir Brave as God 4 Boy
Harwant Full of gods grace 4 Boy
Harwinder A tree 1 Boy
Hasan Laughter 7 Boy
Haviraj - 6 Boy
Heet Love 2 Boy
Heminder Lord of gold 4 Boy
Hemwant Full of gods grace 3 Boy
Herdayal Kindness of God 11 Boy
Herho God-like 9 Boy
Het Winning the Love of God 6 Boy
Hetbir Love of the brave 8 Boy
Heymanpreet God of gold 4 Boy
Himmat Courage 1 Boy
Himmatpal Protector of courage 3 Boy
Himmatroop Embodiment of courage 11 Boy
Hirdai Protector of gods heart 4 Boy
Hirender Lords diamonds 9 Boy
Hirish God of Shiva 8 Boy
Hitender Compassionate God 11 Boy
Hitinder Benevolent God 6 Boy
Hukam Wise 9 Boy
Hukmee Commander, The one with authority 9 Boy
Hukmi Commander, The one with authority (God) 8 Boy
Hukumjeet Victory with gods will 6 Boy
Hukumpreet Love for gods will 3 Boy
Husanpal Protector of charm 11 Boy
Husanpreet Love for charm 1 Boy
http://www.bachpan.com/Meaning-Of-Laavindeep.aspx Illuminated, Infused lamp 8 Boy
Haard Hearts feeling, Main, Meaning 5 Boy
Haarij The horizon 11 Boy
Haarit Green 3 Boy
Haarith Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator 11 Boy
Hadhi Ram Friend of Lord venkateswara 8 Boy
Hahn A rooster 22 Boy
Hajesh Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Hakesh Lord of sound 7 Boy
Haksh Eye 2 Boy
Haksha - 3 Boy
Halik Ploughman 5 Boy
Hameer Very rich king, A Raga 5 Boy
Hamesh Forever 9 Boy
Hamir Very rich king, A Raga 4 Boy
Hamrish Lovable, Helpful 4 Boy
Haneesh Lord Shiva, Ambition 6 Boy
Hani Happy, Delighted, Content, Pleasant (1) 5 Boy
Hanish Lord Shiva, Ambition 5 Boy
Hans Swan 6 Boy
Hansal God is gracious, Swan like 1 Boy
Hansaraj King of a swan 9 Boy
Hanshal God is gracious, Swan like 9 Boy
Hanshit Like Honey 7 Boy
Hanshith Like Honey 6 Boy
Hansik Swan 8 Boy
Hansin The universal soul 11 Boy
Hansraj King of swans 8 Boy
Hanumadakshita Depends and trusts Hanuman to fulfil his task 5 Boy
Hanuman The monkey God of ramayana (Son of the wind God; Devout of Rama and a leading warrior among monkey tribe) 9 Boy
Hanumant The monkey God of ramayana 11 Boy
Hanumanta The monkey God of ramayana 3 Boy
Hanumanth The monkey God of ramayana 1 Boy
Hanup Sun light 6 Boy
Hanvesh Very soft mind 5 Boy
Happy Happy 3 Boy
Har Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy