Hindu Baby Names starting with letter d boy names with meaning Rashi

Are you searching for Hindu baby names with meaning ? Then you are at the right place here, you will find list of modern Hindu baby boys names and girls name with meanings and Rashi.

How Hindu's give name to their baby

In india Hinduism is the bigest comunity . Hindu people give name to their baby very carefully . When a baby takes birth in a hindu family after few days they call a Brhammin to their house and give him birth details of a baby like birthdate and birth time , from this information Brahmin makes janam kundli of that baby and decides the Rashi and Nakshatra for that baby and from that Rashi and Nakshatra he gives first letter to the family and family have to decide the name for baby from that letter given to them by a hindu bhrahmin .

Here on kidsname.info we have list of all modern hindu baby boys and girls names with Rashi nakshatra gender religion and numerology , we have collection of Indian hindu baby names indian nicknames and most popular names in indian , here you can find names of hindu religion and select the one for your baby :)

Hindu Baby Names Nicknames starting with letter d boy names With Rashi Meaning Gender Numerology

Hindu Baby Boys names with letter


Hindu Baby Girls names with letter


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Dalbinder Army of God in heaven 6 Boy
Dalbinderjit Victorious army of God in heaven 9 Boy
Dalbir Soldier 1 Boy
Daler Brave, Valiant 22 Boy
Dalgeet Team Songs 9 Boy
Dalip King 6 Boy
Daljeet The conqueror of forces 6 Boy
Daljinder Army of God in heaven 6 Boy
Daljit Victorious army 2 Boy
Daljodh Team Fighter 9 Boy
Dalpreet Team's Love 9 Boy
Dalraj Army of the king 1 Boy
Dalvinder Army of God in heaven 8 Boy
Damanjeet Skirt of the victor 1 Boy
Damanjit Victory over Suppression 9 Boy
Damanjot Light of Suppression 6 Boy
Damoder - 6 Boy
Danmeet One who is Friendly with Charity 8 Boy
Darbjot Light of Wealth 7 Boy
Darminder Door of the God of heaven 5 Boy
Darpreet Love for God's Door 6 Boy
Darshanbir Vision of exalted bravery 4 Boy
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna 6 Boy
Darvesh Holy Man 5 Boy
Darvish Humble Being; Religious Beggar 9 Boy
Dave Variant of david beloved 5 Boy
Davinderpreet Love of the Deity of heaven 6 Boy
Dayadeep Lamp of Compassion 7 Boy
Dayajeet Compassionate Victory 8 Boy
Dayajot Light of Compassion 22 Boy
Dayaljot Light of Mercy 7 Boy
Dayapreet Lover of compassion 5 Boy
Dayawant Full of Kindness 8 Boy
Deedar Melancholy, A variant of the older Name deirdre in celtic legend deirdre died of a broken heart 1 Boy
Deenpal The protector of the helpless 3 Boy
Deenprem Love for the Helpless 8 Boy
Deentek Supporter of the Helpless 1 Boy
Deepinder God's light 8 Boy
Deepjot Lamp Flame 3 Boy
Devendar King of lord's 1 Boy
Devendra King of gods,Lord Indra 1 Boy
Devinder God's triumph 8 Boy
Devjot Godly Light 22 Boy
Devpreet Love for God 5 Boy
Dhanjeet Wealth 4 Boy
Dhanjot Light of Wealth 9 Boy
Dhanmeet Wealthy Friend 7 Boy
Dharam Religion 7 Boy
Dharamdeep Lamp of religion 3 Boy
Dharamdev God of faith 4 Boy
Dharamjot; Dharamjyot Light of righteousness and virtues 7 Boy
Dharamjyot Light of righteousness and virtues 7 Boy
Dharamleen One absorbed in righteousness 9 Boy
Dharampal The supporter of righteousness 11 Boy
Dharampreet Love of faith 1 Boy
Dharamsheel Holy 4 Boy
Dharamveer; Dharambir Bravely upholding righteousness; Brave in doing ones duty 7 Boy
Dharmender Lord of Dharma 9 Boy
Dharmjot Light of Religious 8 Boy
Dharmpal Protector of religion 1 Boy
Dharmtat Holy One Full of Virtue 4 Boy
Dharvan A Winner 5 Boy
Dhianjog Union with Meditation 5 Boy
Dhianjot Enlightened by Meditation 9 Boy
Didar Vision 9 Boy
Digpal Protector of All Directions 4 Boy
Dilbaag Heart Blossom 9 Boy
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart; Within 8 Boy
Dukhnivarn, Dukhniwarn Remover of sorrow and suffering 2 Boy
Divyajot - 7 Boy
Divleen Divine 8 Boy
Dilvinder Heart of God in heaven 7 Boy
Dilsher Lion heart 3 Boy
Dilshaan Glory of heart 5 Boy
Dilreet Hearty Traditions 1 Boy
Dilraaj Hearty Kingdom , Ruler of the heart 1 Boy
Dilpreet Loving heart 8 Boy
Dilneet Ethical heart or moral soul 6 Boy
Dilmeet Friend of Heart 5 Boy
Diljot Light of the heart 7 Boy
Diljit Victory of Heart 1 Boy
Diljeev Courageous Live 4 Boy
Diljeet Heart victor 11 Boy
Dilchanann Spiritual Illumination of the Heart 8 Boy
Dilbagh Lionhearted (lit. tiger) 7 Boy
Daanish To be clever, Foreseeing, Full of knowledge and wisdom 11 Boy
Daarshik Perceiver 8 Boy
Daarul - 3 Boy
Daasharathi Lord Rama 9 Boy
Dabeet Warrior 1 Boy
Dabnshu - 6 Boy
Daeven Little black one 6 Boy
Dagendra God of ways, Path (1) 9 Boy
Daha Blazing, Very bright 5 Boy
Dahak Powerful 7 Boy
Dahana A Rudra 2 Boy
Daina - 2 Boy
Daipayan Who is born in An island 8 Boy
Daithyakulantaka Destroyer of demons 7 Boy
Daitya A non Aryan 6 Boy
Daitya Sai Non Aryan 8 Boy
Daityakarya Vidhyataka destroyer of all demons activities 8 Boy
Daivansh From gods familiy 6 Boy
Daivat Luck, Powerful 3 Boy
Daivey Dearly loved 3 Boy
Daivik Gift by God 11 Boy
Daivya Divine, Heavenly 8 Boy
Daiwik By the grace of God 3 Boy
Daksh Capable, Son of Lord Brahma (A son of Brahma) 7 Boy
Dakshak Able daughter 1 Boy
Dakshesh Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Daksheshwar Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Dakshi The glorious 7 Boy
Dakshin South direction 3 Boy
Dakshinayan Some movement of the Sun 8 Boy
Dakshit Lord Shiv 9 Boy
Dakshith Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Dakshya Efficient 6 Boy
Dalajit Winning over a group 3 Boy
Dalapathi Leader of a group 9 Boy
Dalbhya Belonging to wheels 8 Boy
Dalpati Commander of group 9 Boy
Dalsher - 4 Boy
Daman One who controls 6 Boy
Damodar A name of Lord Krishna 11 Boy
Damodara Dam=cord, Udara=stomach, Lord when he was tied with a rope around his waist 3 Boy
Dananjay One who wins wealth 7 Boy
Danasvi - 7 Boy
Danavarsh - 7 Boy
Danavendra Granter of boons 3 Boy
Danavendra Vinashaka Destroyer of king of demons 8 Boy
Danbir Charitable 3 Boy
Dandak A forest 8 Boy
Dandakaranya Punyakrute One who ennobled the dandaka forest 4 Boy
Dandapaani An epithet for Yama 11 Boy
Dandapani An epithet for Yama 1 Boy
Dandayudhapani Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Danial God is my judge 5 Boy
Daniel God is my judge 9 Boy
Danila God is the judge 5 Boy
Danish To be clever, Merciful and foreseeing 1 Boy
Danta Calm, A name of Lord Hanuman 4 Boy
Danuj Born of danu, A danava 5 Boy
Danush Iranian (Persian) 22 Boy
Danvir Charitable 5 Boy
Darahaas Smile 8 Boy
Darmendar - 6 Boy
Darpad Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Darpak Kamdev, God of Love 6 Boy
Darpan A mirror 9 Boy
Darpit - 5 Boy
Darren From araines 6 Boy
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna 5 Boy
Darshak Spectator 8 Boy
Darshal Prayer of God 9 Boy
Darshan Paying respect, Vision, Knowledge 11 Boy
Darsheel Something that looks good and sober 9 Boy
Darshik Perceiver 7 Boy
Darshil Perfection 8 Boy
Darshish Contemplation, Examination 5 Boy
Darshit Display 7 Boy
Darshith Signs 6 Boy
Darshwana Pure of heart 8 Boy
Daruk Charioteer of Krishna, Tree 1 Boy
Daruka Deodar tree 2 Boy
Darun Hard male Hindu 22 Boy
Das Servant 6 Boy
Dasan Ruler 3 Boy
Dasaradh - 11 Boy
Dasaraja - 1 Boy
Dasarath Father of Lord Rama 9 Boy
Dashabahave Ten-armed 9 Boy
Dashabahu Ten armed 11 Boy
Dashagreeva Shirohara Slayer of the ten-headed Ravana 8 Boy
Dashan Style....in every thing 2 Boy
Dashanan (Ten headed King of Lanka a.k.a. Ravana) 8 Boy
Dashanth - 3 Boy
Dasharat Father of Lord Rama (Father of Lord Rama) 9 Boy
Dasharath Father of Lord Rama 8 Boy
Dasharatha A Man whose power is equal to the power of ten maharathis. rathi means chariot fighter (Rama's father and King of Kosala) 9 Boy
Dasharathi Lord Rama 8 Boy
Dashvanth - 7 Boy
Dasmaya Beautiful 1 Boy
Datta One who is given 1 Boy
Dattatri - 3 Boy
Dattey Lord Indra 3 Boy
Daulat Wealth 5 Boy
Davashish Blessing of God 1 Boy
Dave Variant of David beloved 5 Boy
Daveena Beauty 7 Boy
Davin Black one 5 Boy
Dax Who is aware in all thing always 11 Boy
Daxesh Lord Brahma 7 Boy
Dayaal Kind hearted 8 Boy
Dayaananda One who takes Joy in being merciful 3 Boy
Dayaanidhi Treasure house of mercy 4 Boy
Dayada Son, Inheritor 9 Boy
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Dayakara Compassionate 8 Boy