Hindu Baby Names starting with letter b boy names with meaning Rashi

Are you searching for Hindu baby names with meaning ? Then you are at the right place here, you will find list of modern Hindu baby boys names and girls name with meanings and Rashi.

How Hindu's give name to their baby

In india Hinduism is the bigest comunity . Hindu people give name to their baby very carefully . When a baby takes birth in a hindu family after few days they call a Brhammin to their house and give him birth details of a baby like birthdate and birth time , from this information Brahmin makes janam kundli of that baby and decides the Rashi and Nakshatra for that baby and from that Rashi and Nakshatra he gives first letter to the family and family have to decide the name for baby from that letter given to them by a hindu bhrahmin .

Here on kidsname.info we have list of all modern hindu baby boys and girls names with Rashi nakshatra gender religion and numerology , we have collection of Indian hindu baby names indian nicknames and most popular names in indian , here you can find names of hindu religion and select the one for your baby :)

Hindu Baby Names Nicknames starting with letter b boy names With Rashi Meaning Gender Numerology

Hindu Baby Boys names with letter


Hindu Baby Girls names with letter


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Baaj , Baaz Falcon, Music, To play an instrument 8 Boy
Babaljeet Full with Love 22 Boy
Bableen Imbued in Lord's Name 5 Boy
Bachanbir Brave Promise 4 Boy
Bachint Without worry 3 Boy
Bachittar Wounderous Merits , A person with wondrous merits , Wise one 1 Boy
Baghinder Tiger; King 5 Boy
Bahadar One who is brave and corageous 8 Boy
Bahadurjit Victory of the brave 4 Boy
Bakhsheesh The Blessed One 5 Boy
Baksheesh Baksheesh 6 Boy
Baksheesh, Baxee Blessing 7 Boy
Balaknath Child master 7 Boy
Balavant Lord Hanuman 1 Boy
Balbeer Mighty and Brave 9 Boy
Balbeer, Balbir Mighty hero 8 Boy
Balbhag Fortunate and Powerful 6 Boy
Balbir Strong 8 Boy
Baldeb Godlike in Power; Another Name of Balram 8 Boy
Baldeep Creative and idealistic 9 Boy
Baldev God like in power 1 Boy
Baldev; Baldeb Godlike in power; Another Name of Balram 9 Boy
Balendra Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Balhaar Surrounded by Strength 7 Boy
Balihar Sacrifice; Devotion 6 Boy
Balinder ord Krishna 11 Boy
Baljeet; Baljit Mighty Victorious 1 Boy
Baljinder Baljinder 3 Boy
Baljit Might victor 9 Boy
Baljiwan Life with strength 9 Boy
Balkar Mighty creator 9 Boy
Balmeet Powerful Friend , Mighty friend 22 Boy
Balmohan One who is Attractive 3 Boy
Balpreet Mighty love 7 Boy
Balraj King 8 Boy
Baltej One with glorious might 5 Boy
Balvan Powerful and mighty 7 Boy
Balveer Powerful 11 Boy
Balvinder Strong 6 Boy
Balvindra Strong 11 Boy
Balvir Strong Soldier , Powerful and Brave 1 Boy
Balwant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might 1 Boy
Balwinder God of force 7 Boy
Baneet Polite 2 Boy
Baninder Word of the God of heaven 4 Boy
Banjeet Polite 2 Boy
Baninder Word of the God of heaven 4 Boy
Banmeet Friend of Forest 6 Boy
Bansmeet Friendly Descendant 7 Boy
Barinder Lord of the Ocean 8 Boy
Barindra The ocean 4 Boy
Beant Without end - infinity, Used to refer to the supreme being 6 Boy
Beantpal Foster of Immeasurable 8 Boy
Benny Abbreviation of benjamin and benedict 6 Boy
Bhagat Devotee 3 Boy
Bhagatveer The brave devotee of God 8 Boy
Bhaghwinder Devotion to the God of heaven 9 Boy
Bhagwan God, Parmeshwar, Dev, Ishwar 11 Boy
Bhajnaam Remembering the love of God 9 Boy
Bhajneek Absorbed in the Love of God 11 Boy
Bhajneet One who Always Loves the Lord 11 Boy
Bhajraam Remembering the Lord 9 Boy
Bharpoor One who is content/full to the brim 3 Boy
Bhavandeep Temple lamp 6 Boy
Bhavanjot Soothing Light 3 Boy
Bhavdeep Lamp of the World 9 Boy
Bhavjeet One who swims across the dreadful world ocean 1 Boy
Bhavjinder Temple shrine of The God of heaven 3 Boy
Bhavleen Engrossed in the World 6 Boy
Bhavmeet Friend of the World 4 Boy
Bhavneet Moral of the World 5 Boy
Bhavprem Love for the World 4 Boy
Bhinderpal Protected by the God of heaven 8 Boy
Bhupinder The king of kings 7 Boy
Bhupinderpal Preserved by God 9 Boy
Bibinanaki Lady of maternal family 8 Boy
Bijul Flashes of Lightning 9 Boy
Bilawal Happy; God like 6 Boy
Bimaljot Pure Light 1 Boy
Bindar, Binder An intimate particle of the God of heaven 1 Boy
Binder Brave Leader 7 Boy
Binpaul Forster of Modesty 3 Boy
Bipinjot Lighted Forest 5 Boy
Biplab - 6 Boy
Biradol Brave and Unwavering 7 Boy
Birakaal Eternally Brave 1 Boy
Birapaar Warrior and Limitless Courage 3 Boy
Birbhoop Brave King 4 Boy
Birinder King of warriors 7 Boy
Birjeet Victory of the Brave 6 Boy
Birjot Birjot 11 Boy
Birpal Fosterer of Braves 4 Boy
Birprem Love for Braves 9 Boy
Birwant Full of Strength and Bravery 6 Boy
Bisanpreet Love of God 1 Boy
Bishanpal Raised by God 1 Boy
Bishmeet - 1 Boy
Bismaadh Bismaadh 3 Boy
Bismeet - 1 Boy
Biswajit The world winner or the conqueror 3 Boy
Brahamjeet Brahamjeet 11 Boy
Brahamleen Absorbed in God 7 Boy
Brahmdev God's exalted angel 1 Boy
Brahmjog Union with the Lord 11 Boy
Brahmjot One in union with God 6 Boy
Brahmleen Absorbed in God's Love 6 Boy
Brahmtek Support of God 6 Boy
Brahmvir God's warrior 1 Boy
Brijender - 4 Boy
Brijodh - 3 Boy
Brinder Lord of Ocean 7 Boy
Budhjeet Victory for Wisdom 3 Boy
Budhjot Light of Wisdom 8 Boy
Budhpreet Love of wisdom 9 Boy
Budhroop Embodiment of Wisdom 9 Boy
Buji A Nick Loving Name 6 Boy
Babala Above 1 Boy
Baban - 11 Boy
Babeesh - 6 Boy
Babu A pet Name 8 Boy
Babul Father 11 Boy
Badal Cloud 11 Boy
Badri {h}lord Vishnu, {m}bright night 7 Boy
Badri Narayanan Lord Vishnu 6 Boy
Badrinath Lord of mount Badri 5 Boy
Badriprasad Gift of Badri 3 Boy
Bagira Loving & nurturing 11 Boy
Bagyaraj Lord of luck 11 Boy
Bahubali A Jain tirthakar 11 Boy
Bahul - 8 Boy
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya 3 Boy
Bahuleyan Lord Murugan 8 Boy
Bahuliya Lord Kartikeya 7 Boy
Bahumanya Honored by many 5 Boy
Bahurai With great riches 6 Boy
Bahwaasy One of the Kauravas 8 Boy
Baikuntha heaven 6 Boy
Bajra thunderbolt 5 Boy
Bajrang A Name of Lord Hanuman 8 Boy
Bajrangbali With strength of diamond, Lord Hanuman 5 Boy
Bakhtawar One who brings good luck 4 Boy
Bakool Flower 2 Boy
Bakul Flower 11 Boy
Bal young, infant, strong 6 Boy
Bal Bhadra (Brother of Krishna) 4 Boy
Bal Bhadra (Brother of Krishna) 4 Boy
Bal Gopal Baby Krishna 3 Boy
Bal Krishan Young Krishna 5 Boy
Bal Krishna Young Krishna 5 Boy
Bal Mukund Name of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Bala Chandra Young Moon 11 Boy
Bala Chandrav The crescent Moon 6 Boy
Bala Ganapati Beloved and lovable child 4 Boy
Bala Gopal Infant Krishna 4 Boy
Bala Govind Baby Krishna 6 Boy
Bala Kumar Youthful 8 Boy
Bala Mani Young jewel 8 Boy
Bala Mohan One who is attractive 4 Boy
Bala Murali Young Krishna with flute 9 Boy
Bala Murugan Young Lord Murugan 3 Boy
Bala Shankar Young Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Bala Subramani Lord of SubRamaniam 6 Boy
Bala Subramanian Lord Murugan 3 Boy
Balaark The rising Sun 1 Boy
Balachandar Young Moon 11 Boy
Balachandran Moon crested Lord 7 Boy
Baladhi Deep insight 1 Boy
Baladhitya The newly risen Sun 11 Boy
Baladitya Young Sun 3 Boy
Balajee Another Name of the Hindu Lord venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi) 9 Boy
Balaji A Name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Balakrishna Young Krishna 6 Boy
Balambu Son of Sambhu or Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Balamurugan Lord murugan's childhood Name was called balamurugan 3 Boy
Balan Youthful 3 Boy
Balan Youthful 3 Boy
Balanath Lord of strength 5 Boy
Balaraj Strong 9 Boy
Balaram (The brother of Lord Krishna) 3 Boy
Balaravi The morning Sun 3 Boy
Balarka Sadrushanana Like the Rising Sun 1 Boy
Balavan Powerful 8 Boy
Balbir Strong 8 Boy
Balchandra young moon 1 Boy
Baldev God like in power 1 Boy
Balendu Young Moon 5 Boy
Balgopal Baby Krishna 3 Boy
Balgovind Lord Krishna 5 Boy
Bali Brave 6 Boy
Balkrishan young Krishna 5 Boy
Ballabh beloved, dear 2 Boy
Ballal The Sun 4 Boy
Balmani young jewel 7 Boy
Balrah - 6 Boy
Balram Krishna's brother 2 Boy
Balu Cheater 9 Boy
Balvant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might 9 Boy
Balwant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might 1 Boy