Modern Punjabi Sikh baby names for girls first letter from Gurbani and Guru granth Sahebji with meaning

Any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh . Sikhism is very small comunity mostly in India and Pakistan. Here we have big collection of Punjabi Sikh names from Gurbani and Guru granth sahebjifor girls starting first letter on . Here you will find modern Sikh , Punjabi names for girls starting first letter with their meaning , gender, Nakshatra,Rashi and numerology of the name . We have baby names mostly with the English meaning .

Here is list of Indian Sikh Baby names for girls starting first letter in alfabatical order A to Z names from gurbani and Guru Granth Sahebji . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

Punjabi Sikh baby Boy names letter


Punjabi Sikh baby Girl names letter


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Bhajan Adoration 9 Girl
Bhavpal Lord; The World's Protector 8 Girl
zishan - 9 Girl
Sukhliv Absorbed in the Joy of gods Love 3 Girl
Zaaminah - 1 Girl
Zahira Helper, Supporter, Protector, Blossoming flower, Brilliant, Visible, Dawn 9 Girl
Zaida Great abundance, Growth 5 Girl
Zaitoon Olive, Fiery, Sower of seeds 1 Girl
Zaitun Olive, Fiery, Sower of seeds 1 Girl
Zareena Golden 7 Girl
Zeenat Adornment, Ornament, Delicate or honor 8 Girl
Zhalak Splendour, Shimmer 5 Girl
Aboil The name of a flower 3 Girl
Zobia God gifted 8 Girl
Achala Constant 8 Girl
Zoha Morning light 93rd Sura of Quran 5 Girl
Adishree Exalted 6 Girl
Zohra Sparkle, Blossom 5 Girl
Zoreed One who meets 1 Girl
Aish Delight, Joy, Pleasure 1 Girl
Ajinder Victorious 7 Girl
Zuber Brave warrior 9 Girl
Zulakha First part of the night, Having a small and finely chiselled nose 8 Girl
Ajooni Beyond transmigration, Incarnation (God) (1) 1 Girl
Zulfa First part of the night 3 Girl
Akalsharan The one taking shelter in God 5 Girl
Akalsimar One remembering the eternal God 4 Girl
Akalsukh Forever in peace and delight 3 Girl
Yaad One who remembers (God) 7 Girl
Akalya Wish 6 Girl
Yaadinder Gods remembrance 9 Girl
Akhila Complete 6 Girl
Yaadleen One absorbed in gods remembrance 4 Girl
Yakeen Trust, Belief, Lord Shiva 7 Girl
Alaknanda Name of a river, A river in the himalayas 5 Girl
Yakin Trust, Belief, Lord Shiva 6 Girl
Alpana A decorative design 9 Girl
Yasmine Precious stone 5 Girl
Amanpreet Love with peace 3 Girl
Amninder Gods triumph 6 Girl
Yuvrani Young queen, Princess 11 Girl
Amodini Joyful or pleasurable or Happy girl 11 Girl
Xilmal Shine, Shimmer 8 Girl
Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha Immortality, Priceless Girl
Amritkala Nectarine art 5 Girl
Wadha Bright 1 Girl
Amritpal Early bird, Pure, Richness 9 Girl
Amritpreet Lover of immortalizing nectar 8 Girl
Vadiaya Gods greatness 9 Girl
Amrusha Sudden 9 Girl
Vasundhara The earth 1 Girl
Vayla Time 11 Girl
Anahat Limitless, Infinite, Unbeaten 9 Girl
Vidhya Knowledge, Learning 6 Girl
Anahita Graceful 9 Girl
Anandamayi Full of Joy, Full of happiness 11 Girl
Ananya Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different from others 2 Girl
Anasuya Without spite or envy, Learned woman (1) 1 Girl
Ujaala One who radiates the light, Bright 1 Girl
Angarika Flame colored flower, Palash, Flame of the forest (1) 8 Girl
Ujjalroop A pure and beauteous person 1 Girl
Anindita Beautiful, Virtuous, Venerated 9 Girl
Uttamleen Immersed in the Love of divine 3 Girl
Anisha Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous 7 Girl
Uttamliv Absorbed in the Love of God 1 Girl
Anjila Homage 2 Girl
Anoushka Favor, Grace 9 Girl
Talwinder Desire for the Love for Lord 7 Girl
Tamanpreet - 5 Girl
Antara The second note in hindustani classical music, Para of a song, Beauty 1 Girl
Antarpreet One who loves the light within 1 Girl
Tannu Body 7 Girl
Tanveet Beautiful 6 Girl
Anumati Apane, Consent 7 Girl
Tanweer Radiant, Illuminating, Enlightening 5 Girl
Anuradha The 17th Nakshathra, A bright star 5 Girl
Tavleen Engrossed in God 7 Girl
Anureet An atom culture 3 Girl
Tegroop Beautiful sword 6 Girl
Anwesha Quest 8 Girl
Aparijita Undefeated, A flower, One name of devis names 4 Girl
Teja Light, Lustrous, Power 9 Girl
Aradhana Worship 3 Girl
Tekgur Gurus support 1 Girl
Aradhna Worship 11 Girl
Tekjot One who takes support of the divine light 9 Girl
Archan Worship 9 Girl
Tripta Satisfied, Satisfaction 3 Girl
Archana Worship 1 Girl
Ardas Pray of God 7 Girl
Armani Is associated to Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Saar Form of God, Effective 3 Girl
Armin Dweller of the garden of eden 11 Girl
Sach Contentment 6 Girl
Arnalinder Immaculate God 6 Girl
Arshdeep Natkhat bachhi 4 Girl
Sachsukh Embodiment of truth, True servant 9 Girl
Arshia Heavenly 11 Girl
Sadhika Goddess Durga, Achiever 8 Girl
Arunima Glow of dawn 5 Girl
Sahjara Coastal lamp 22 Girl
Asankh Countless 9 Girl
Saihajamrit Love for coast 1 Girl
Asavari Name of a Raga or melody (1) 8 Girl
Saihajsaroop One absorbed in peace and bliss 6 Girl
Ashima Limitless, Protector 6 Girl
Saihajseetal One absorbed in peace and bliss 11 Girl
Ashmeet Trustworthy friend, Pride, Ever smiling, Devine smile 8 Girl
Saihajsukh Resident of the blissful realm 8 Girl
Ashwini A star 11 Girl
Saj One who worships God, Beauteous tranquillity 3 Girl
Asis Blessing, Prayer 3 Girl
Sajj Absorbed in true knowledge 4 Girl
Asita River Yamuna, Success 5 Girl
Sajjra Eternal Lord 5 Girl
Aslesha A star 2 Girl
Sakh Morning Sun 3 Girl
Asmani Celestial, Divine, Heavenly 3 Girl
Sakhi Friend 3 Girl
Asreet Somebody who gives shelter, One who gives refuge to others, God of wealth, One who protects others, Rite of dependency, Trust on God, One who is dependent on God), Subramaniam Swami 5 Girl
Samaae Virtuous brave 4 Girl
Sangeeta Musical, Music 9 Girl
Atasi A blue flower 5 Girl
Sanghi Elixir obtained from holy congregation 4 Girl
Atmaja Daughter of the soul 1 Girl
Sangita Music 8 Girl
Avaninder Lord of the earth 7 Girl
Sanjeevani Immortality 1 Girl
Avantika City of ujjain, Princess of ujjain 7 Girl
Sanmukh Desitiny 6 Girl
Avneet Modest, Kind hearted 22 Girl
Sarabjeet Winning all 9 Girl
Avnoor Beautiful 4 Girl
Ayushmati One who has a long life 9 Girl
Sarableen One who prevades in all 5 Girl
Sarabsukh Having all peace 1 Girl
Sardha Faith, Grace 9 Girl
Babli - Girl
Saroor Happiness, Calm, Satisfaction 5 Girl
Sashangi Associated, Connected 6 Girl
Bairagi Independent 11 Girl
Satgur True guide 5 Girl
Bakshi Blessed 5 Girl
Satleen The one absorbed in truth, In God 22 Girl
Bebe Lady of the house, Lady, Bringer of Joy 5 Girl
Satroop Sat (God) light 5 Girl
Satsimran Contemplation of truth 6 Girl
Beena A musical instrument, Wise, Far-sighted 9 Girl
Satsukh The one in true bliss 9 Girl
Savreen Multi talented 3 Girl
Sehaj Patience, State of peace and balance, Tranquility 7 Girl
Sehajleen Easily absorbed in God) 7 Girl
Shaleen Modest 1 Girl
Shaminder Quiet, Gentle 1 Girl
Sharanjeet One who attains the gurus shelter, Refuge of the victor, Protected 11 Girl
Shavinder - 1 Girl
Sijal Correct 6 Girl
Sijh Sun 1 Girl
Sikh Disciple, Student, Seeker, Perpetual learner 2 Girl
Chanchal Restless, Active, Agile 5 Girl
Simarleen Absorbed in remembrance, Forever absorbed in God 6 Girl
Simleen Absorbed in remembering (God) 5 Girl
Chandani A river, Moon light 9 Girl
Simran Meditation 11 Girl
Channan Full of fragrance like sandalwood 1 Girl
Simrat Remember, Remembering through meditation 8 Girl
Chhab Beauty, Splendor, Brilliance, Fashion, Form, Figure 22 Girl
Simrita Loved and honoured by all, Meditation 8 Girl
Sinda Gratitude 2 Girl
Chhabba Gold, Silver ornament (1) 7 Girl
Sipla - 3 Girl
Chhail Beautiful, Handsome 5 Girl
Sirat Inner beauty, Fame, Desired or longed for (1) 22 Girl
Sirisatsimran Supreme contemplation of truth 7 Girl
Skandajit - 8 Girl
Sojara 3 Girl
Sonaljeet Golden victory 11 Girl
Davinder Dhianni Meditative one Girl
Soor Sun, Godly, Warrior, Brave, A musical note 8 Girl
Dilshan - 4 Girl
Sooriya Hero 7 Girl
Dishmeet - 11 Girl
Sukh Happiness 5 Girl
Divyajyot - 5 Girl
Sukhjeet Remaining in peace 9 Girl
Dpinder Light of Lord Inder 7 Girl
Sukhmani Bringing peace to heart 6 Girl
Sukhnaaz - 11 Girl
Drivnaynee Angelic eyes 9 Girl
Sukhroop Embodiment of peace 6 Girl
Sukhseetal One delighting in peace 4 Girl
Sukhsimran Peaceful contemplation of God) 7 Girl
Sulhara Kind 6 Girl
Ekampooj Worshipper of the supreme being 5 Girl
Sunaina Beautiful eyes, A woman with Lovely eyes 7 Girl
Sundari Beautiful, Angel 5 Girl
Ekampreet Love for ones God 4 Girl
Surina A Goddess 1 Girl