Modern Punjabi Sikh baby names for boys first letter pfrom Gurbani and Guru granth Sahebji with meaning

Any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh . Sikhism is very small comunity mostly in India and Pakistan. Here we have big collection of Punjabi Sikh names from Gurbani and Guru granth sahebjifor boys starting first letter p on . Here you will find modern Sikh , Punjabi names for boys starting first letter p with their meaning , gender, Nakshatra,Rashi and numerology of the name . We have baby names mostly with the English meaning .

Here is list of Indian Sikh Baby names for boys starting first letter p in alfabatical order A to Z names from gurbani and Guru Granth Sahebji . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Paawanjeet Victory of the pure 6 Boy
Padamdeep Thousand billions, Of regions, Of lotus petaled lamps 11 Boy
Padamjeet Victory of the lotus 3 Boy
Padamjot Light of the lotus 8 Boy
Padampal Protector of the lotus 1 Boy
Padamjot Light of the lotus 8 Boy
Padampreet Love for the lotus 9 Boy
Padamprem Love for the lotus 6 Boy
Palwinderjot Light of lords moments 3 Boy
Palwinderpal Protector of lords moments 5 Boy
Pankaj Lotus flower 8 Boy
Pankajdeep Light of lotus 11 Boy
Pankajeet Eagle Garuda 11 Boy
Pankajpreet Love of lotus 9 Boy
Paramaadhar Taking the highest support 1 Boy
Paramajeet Victory of supreme 9 Boy
Paramarath A spiritual person 7 Boy
Paramatam Supreme soul 3 Boy
Parambir The greatest of warriors 6 Boy
Parambodh Greatest gnostic 6 Boy
Paramdaya Most compassionate one 8 Boy
Paramdeep The lamp of the divine 7 Boy
Paramdesh The highest God 4 Boy
Paramdev A godly person 8 Boy
Paramdharam Superior religion 4 Boy
Paramdheer Having the greatest patience 8 Boy
Paramgat Liberation from all bonds 5 Boy
Paramgeet The highest song of bliss 5 Boy
Paramhans Sadguru 1 Boy
Paramhet Of supreme Love of God 1 Boy
Paraminder Supreme God of heaven 8 Boy
Paramjaap Meditation of supreme God 5 Boy
Paramjas Praises of God 7 Boy
Paramjeet Highest success, Supremely victorious, The perfect winner, Ultimate victorious 8 Boy
Paramjeevan Living the most exalted life 7 Boy
Paramjodh Greatest warrior 5 Boy
Paramjog One uniting with the highest 9 Boy
Paramjot The highest light, Gods light, Flame of the supreme 4 Boy
Paramjugat Union with God 9 Boy
Paramkamal Supreme lotus flower 6 Boy
Paramkeerat One who sings gods glories 1 Boy
Paramnaam Supreme name 6 Boy
Paramnek Having the highest virtue 7 Boy
Paramnidhan Possessing the highest treasure 9 Boy
Paramnihal Having the supreme happiness 3 Boy
Paramniranjan Most immaculate one 4 Boy
Paramnirmal Purest one 8 Boy
Paramnivas Resident of the highest abode 6 Boy
Parampal Highest success, God, The caretaker 6 Boy
Paramprakash Supreme light 6 Boy
Parampreet One who loves the Lord 5 Boy
Paramprem Supreme Love 11 Boy
Paramrang Imbued with the Love of Lord 8 Boy
Paramras Highest elixir 4 Boy
Paramratan Highest gem 4 Boy
Paramroop Supremely beauteous 5 Boy
Paramsaihaj Supreme bliss 7 Boy
Paramsangat Company of the highest 3 Boy
Paramsev Serving the highest 5 Boy
Paramsevak one who serves the highest 8 Boy
Paramshaant Having the highest peace 4 Boy
Paramtat Knowing the truth of spirit 9 Boy
Paramtek Supreme support 4 Boy
Paramthakar Supreme Lord 9 Boy
Paramveer The greatest warrior, Supreme hero 8 Boy
Paramvichar Reflecting on the Lord 11 Boy
Paramvir The greatest warrior, Supreme hero 7 Boy
Paramwant Highly supreme 8 Boy
Paramyog Supreme union 6 Boy
Parbeen Capable, Skilful, Efficient 7 Boy
Pardeep Good 11 Boy
Pargat One who blossoms forth into fame 9 Boy
Pargatjeet Revelation of the victory 4 Boy
Pargatjot Revelation of the divine light 9 Boy
Paridarshan Panoramic view 1 Boy
Parineet Wedded 7 Boy
Parmaad Intoxicated by lords Love 9 Boy
Parminder God of gods 8 Boy
Parminderpal Preserver of supreme God 1 Boy
Parmit Wisdom, Friend of the supreme 5 Boy
Parphullat Happy, Contended 8 Boy
Parsan one who is Happy and delightful 6 Boy
Parsanjit Delighted victory 9 Boy
Parshotam Best person, Great human being 3 Boy
Partap Glory, Vigour, Strength 9 Boy
Partapi Majestic, Courageous 9 Boy
Partit Faith 7 Boy
Parwah Supremely wonderful 4 Boy
Parwan Acceptable 1 Boy
Pasohra Of pishawar 6 Boy
Patveer The respected brave one 6 Boy
Patwant Respectable, Honourable, Elite 5 Boy
Pavandeep Firmament illuminated, Lamp of heavens 3 Boy
Pavenpreet Lover of wind, Air 5 Boy
Pavitar A pure individual, Pure, Holy person 6 Boy
Pavith Love 4 Boy
Pavitpal Protector of the holy person 7 Boy
Pawandeep Light of the Sky 4 Boy
Pawanjeev Life in air 7 Boy
Pawanjit Victory of air 4 Boy
Pawanjot Light of air 1 Boy
Pawanpreet Love of air 11 Boy
Pawanveer Brave as air 6 Boy
Phakir Alt spelling Farid 9 Boy
Phulwant Full of flower fragrance 7 Boy
Piaar Love, Attachment 9 Boy
Pooranbir Perfect and brave 9 Boy
Pooranjit Victory of the perfect 1 Boy
Pooranjot Light of the perfect 7 Boy
Pooranpreet Perfect Love, Complete Love 8 Boy
Prabhaatam One whose soul unites with God 9 Boy
Prabhadhaar Lords support 6 Boy
Prabhanand One who draws bliss from God 7 Boy
Prabhbir Gods brave warrior 11 Boy
Prabhbodh Divine knowledge 11 Boy
Prabhcharan Taking shelter in gods feet 9* Boy
Prabhcheet Remembering the Lord by heart, Absorbed in God 5 Boy
Prabhchet Absorbed in God, Remembering the Lord by heart 9 Boy
Prabhchetan One who is aware of God 6 Boy
Prabhchit Absorbed in God, Remembering the Lord by heart 4 Boy
Prabhdas Slave of God 6 Boy
Prabhdaya One for whom God is merciful 4 Boy
Prabhdeep Gods light, Enlighted, Gods dear one (1) 3 Boy
Prabhdhan One for whom gods Love is wealth 9 Boy
Prabhdharam God is the religion 9 Boy
Prabhdheer Steadfast in gods Love 4 Boy
Prabhdheeraj One who is patient for gods Love 6 Boy
Prabhdhian One who contemplates on God 9 Boy
Prabhjas Lords praises 3 Boy
Prabhjeet Love of God, God victorious, Gods triumph 4 Boy
Prabhjeevan One for whom remembrance of God is life 3 Boy
Prabhjit Love of God, God victorious, Gods triumph 3 Boy
Prabhjodh Gods warrior 1 Boy
Prabhjog Worthy of God 5 Boy
Prabhjot Gods light 9 Boy
Prabhjote Light of God 5 Boy
Prabhkamal Flower of God 11 Boy
Prabhkeerat Lords praises, Dedication to God through honest and Hard work 6 Boy
Prabhkirpal Gods grace 4 Boy
Prabhkirtan Singing gods praise 1 Boy
Prabhmeet Friend of God 7 Boy
Prabhmel Union with God 3 Boy
Prabhnaam Absorbed in gods name 11 Boy
Prabhnam Absorbed in gods name 1 Boy
Prabhnoor The light of God 8 Boy
Prabhparvaan One who is accepted by God 1 Boy
Prabhpreet One who loves God 1 Boy
Prabhraman One absorbed in gods Love 11 Boy
Prabhrang One who is coloured by lords Love 4 Boy
Prabhratan Gem of God 9 Boy
Prabhroop Rabb da Roop, With An appearance of God, Embodiment of God 1 Boy
Prabhrup Rabb da Roop, With An appearance of God, Embodiment of God 1 Boy
Prabhsaihaj Attaining tranquillity through God 3 Boy
Prabhsangat One who loves being with God 8 Boy
Prabhsharan One who takes the shelter of God 7 Boy
Prabhteerath One for whom God is the holy place 5 Boy
Prabhvichar One reflecting on God 7 Boy
Prabsharan In gods grace 8 Boy
Prafuldeep Blooming lamp 5 Boy
Prafuljeet Blooming victory 6 Boy
Prajit Victorious, Conquering, Defeating 11 Boy
Prakashdeep Light of lamp, Lighthouse 5 Boy
Prakashleen Imbued in the light 11 Boy
Praneet Humble boy, Modest, Leader 7 Boy
Prasharanbir Brave in the lords shelter 8 Boy
Prathipaal The nurturer, The one who looks after the world 3 Boy
Preetam Lover, Lovable 6 Boy
Preetambir Brave beloved 8 Boy
Preetamjeet Victory of the beloved 1 Boy
Preetamjot One who longs for the divine light, Light of the beloved 6 Boy
Preetkamal Love for the lotus 3 Boy
Preetmohan Attractive and lovable 7 Boy
Preetmohinder Lovely and attractive Lord 6 Boy
Preetum Longing for beloved 8 Boy
Preetveer - 6 Boy
Prem love 7 Boy
Prembans Belonging to the family of holy ones 7 Boy
Prembhagat Loving devotion to God 1 Boy
Premdeep The lamp of Love 1 Boy
Premjeet One who wins over others by Love 11 Boy
Premjeev Loving being 4 Boy
Premjot The light of Love 7 Boy
Premnivaas One whose abode is gods Love 1 Boy
Prempal God, The loving caretaker 9 Boy
Premraman Absorbed in the Love of God 9 Boy
Premrang Coloured in the Love of God 11 Boy
Premras Imbued in the lords Love 9 Boy
Premroop Embodiment of Love 8 Boy
Premsangat Lover of holy company 6 Boy
Premtek Support of gods Love 7 Boy
Premuttam Having highest Love for God 1 Boy
Premveer Pyar ko pasand karne wala 3 Boy
Premwant Full of Love 11 Boy
Pritam Lover 5 Boy
Pritamhari Longing for beloved God 5 Boy
Pritamjit Victory of the beloved 8 Boy
Pritamjot One who longs for the divine light, Light of the beloved 5 Boy
Pritampal Protector of the beloved 7 Boy
Prithamdeep - 7 Boy