Name Mrunamay
Meaning : -
Gender : Boy
Numerology : 7
Religion : Hindu/
Rashi : Simha / Sinh (Leo) M, TT
Nakshatra : makha
Name Meaning
Mrudang Musical instrument
Mrudul Soft natured
Mrug A name of a bird
Mrugan It’s taken from Murugan, Which means God Kartikeya
Mrugank -
Mrugnesh -
Mrunamay -
Mrunmay -
Mrutavanarajeevana Reviver of dead monkeys
Mrutyunjay One who has won over death. one who is immortal
Mruda Parvati, Affectionate
Mrudani Another name of Parvati
Mrudhula Soft natured
Mrudu Soft
Mrudula Soft natured
Mrugaya Soft
Mrunal Lotus stack
Mrunali Lotus
Mrunalika -
Mrunalini Intelligent &lotus
Mrunanjal -
Mrunmayee Goddess Sita
Mrunmayi Goddess Sita