Name Mehuli
Meaning : A small rain cloud
Gender : Girl
Numerology : 55
Religion : Hindu/
Rashi : Simha / Sinh (Leo) M, TT
Nakshatra : makha
Name Meaning
Mehar Courtesy of God
Meharjot Light of grace
Meher Benevolence
Mehak Sweet odor, Sweet smell, Aura, Fragrance
Meharunnisa -
Mehbooba Beloved
Mehek Smell, Fragrance
Meher Benevolence
Meheroon Charming
Meherunissa Benevolent
Mehjabeen Beautiful as the Moon, Beloved person
Mehmuda Beautiful garden in medinah
Mehna -
Mehnaz Prouded like a Moon
Mehndi Beautiful color
Mehnoor Light of the Moon
Mehr Blessing
Mehr Angiz To cause affection
Mehraj Good girl
Mehreen Loving nature
Mehriban Kind, Gentle
Mehrish Wonderful smell (Mehak)
Mehrnaz Glory of the Sun
Mehrun Nisa Sun of the women
Mehrunisa Pretty woman
Mehrunissa Benevolent
Mehry Sun, Affectionate, Kind
Mehvesh Light of the Moon
Mehwish Beautiful
Mehzebeen -
Mehboob Beloved
Mehd Instructor, Haadi
Mehdi A flower
Meherdad Given by the Sun
Mehmood The prophet of Islam
Mehnas -
Mehrab A character in shahnameh
Mehran Old name of a river sindh
Mehtab The Moon
Mehvish Prettiest face on the Moon, Bright star
Mehan -
Mehith Always smiling
Mehul Rain
Meha Cloud
Mehak Sweet odor, Sweet smell, Aura, Fragrance
Mehal Cloud, Sickness
Mehala Cloud, Sickness
Mehali -
Mehanaz -
Mehathi -
Meheera Highly skilled, Expert, Quick, Talented, Powerful, Quick
Meher Benevolence
Mehna -
Mehr Blessing
Mehuli A small rain cloud