Name Jeevaj
Meaning : Born
Gender : Boy
Numerology : 8
Religion : Hindu/
Rashi : Makar (Capricorn) KH, J
Nakshatra : sravana
Name Meaning
Jeerat Dignity
Jeevan Life
Jeevanbir Life of brave
Jeevanjeet Victorious in life
Jeevanjot Light of life
Jeemooth Cloud
Jeemutbahan Full of life
Jeet Win
Jeena To live, Lord Vishnu
Jeelan It is a city in iran, Courtier
Jeelani Mighty, Powerful (1)
Jeemooth Cloud
Jeemutbahan Full of life
Jeet Win
Jeeta Invincible, Unconquerable (1)
Jeetu Always winner
Jeev A live
Jeevaj Born
Jeevan Life, Soul
Jeevanandham -
Jeevanbabu Life giving
Jeevanprakash Light of life
Jeevansh Jeev ka Ansh
Jeevant Medicine
Jeevaraj Lord of life
Jeevesh God, Courageous
Jeevith Living for ever
Jeel Silent lake
Jeenal Lord Vishnu
Jeenam -
Jeeteshi Goddess of victory
Jeethika Jewess, Woman of judea (1)
Jeeva Life, Immortal
Jeevaa Born
Jeeval Full of life
Jeevana Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God
Jeevani Life, Auto biography
Jeevankala Art of life
Jeevanlata Creeper of life
Jeevanthini Name of a Raga
Jeevantika Name of a Raga, One who gives blessings of long life
Jeevika Water, Source of life
Jeevita Life
Jeevitha Life
Jeevnee Life, Auto biography