Hindu Boys Girls names from Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi

List of Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi names with meaning in English for baby boys and girls. All information about Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi related names what you are searching for. I have tried to gather all hindu names from Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi with english meaning on a single post. I hope this will help you a lot finding best name from Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi NAME List English Meaning Dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi name Numerology Gender
Feni Which meaning is name 7 Girl
Fulmala Garland 3 Girl
Fanish The cosmic serpent Shesh 3 Boy
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Fulki Spark 5 Girl
Foram Fragrance 8 Girl
Flavina - 11 Girl
Ahilya Maiden 11 Girl
Fanindra The cosmic serpent Shesh 4 Boy
Freny Foreigner 5 Girl
Foolwati Delicate as a flower 11 Girl
Friya Beloved, Goddess of Love 5 Girl
Faneesh Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Fullan Flowering, Blooming, Flower 3 Girl
Anglina Angel, Messenger (1) 4 Girl
Falguni The day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Phaalgun which falls between february and march, Born in Falgun 7 Girl
Francis Free, From france 7 Boy
Feral - 6 Girl
Freya Beloved, Goddess of Love 1 Girl
Freyal - 4 Girl
Fenna Guardian of peace 22 Girl
Falgu Lovely 2 Boy
Fanishwar Lord of serpents, Vasuki 9 Boy
Frany - 1 Boy
Fullara - 8 Girl
Firaki Fragrance 9 Girl
Fanibhushan Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Foolan Flowering, Blooming, Flower 9 Girl
Falgun Arjun 7 Boy
Fenny Cool 1 Girl
Fulki Spark 5 Girl
Faloni In charge 3 Girl
Fenil Foamy 1 Boy
Fravash Guardian Angel 3 Boy
Forum Fragrance 1 Girl