Muslim Islamic arabic baby names for girls starting with first letter k meaning rashi gender

Well come to . Here is collection of Muslim names for girls starting with first letter k or modern islamic names for girls. We know that it is not an easy task for parents to give a unique and meaning full name to thier children thats why we have made a list of islamic Muslim arabic baby girls names with meaning rashi gender nakshatra. We have collection of modern as well as ancient Arabic male female names for the people who are serching for a perticular category.

Here is list of Pakistani Islamic names in alfabatical order A to Z names . If you wish to view names perticularly any alfabat click on the above given alfabates.

We trust our effort to provide best Muslim for girls names will help you to find and chose best , unique and perfect name for your Baby :)


NAME Meaning Numerology Gender
Kaamil Beautiful, Perfect, One of the ninety nine qualities of God 2 Girl
Kaamila - 3 Girl
Kaamla Perfect, Goddess, Flower 3 Girl
Kabeesha (This was the Name of a poetess, (Daughter of al-waqa an)) 7 Girl
Kabira Great 6 Girl
Kabirah Elder, Big 5 Girl
Kabshah She was a companion 5 Girl
Kadeejah Trustworthy 9 Girl
Kadija Trustworthy 9 Girl
Kadira Good at many things 8 Girl
Kadshah Companion of prophet Muhammad 7 Girl
Kafi Another name of God, Talented, Enough 9 Girl
Kaheela Labor, Triumph, Trial 7 Girl
Kaheesha (This was the Name of a poetess, Daughter of al-waqa) 4 Girl
Kahla Beloved, Sweetheart 6 Girl
Kahlaa One who has beautiful black eyes 7 Girl
Kaia Stability 4 Girl
Kaifiya Ecstatic 8 Girl
Kaina Leader woman 9 Girl
Kainaat Universe 3 Girl
Kainat Universe 2 Girl
Kakuli Crest 2 Girl
Kalah Beloved, Sweetheart 6 Girl
Kaleemah Speaker 11 Girl
Kalifa Holy girl 22 Girl
Kalila Sweetheart, Beloved 1 Girl
Kalima Blackish 2 Girl
Kalsam Name of Al-qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (An) 3 Girl
Kalsoom Name of prophet muhammads (Pbuh) daughter 5 Girl
Kaltham Name of Al-qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah 3 Girl
Kamaliyah Perfection 9 Girl
Kameela Most perfect, Complete 3 Girl
Kamila Most perfect, Complete 2 Girl
Kamilaa Whole 3 Girl
Kamilah Perfect, Complete 1 Girl
Kamna Desire 4 Girl
Kaneez Slave, Maid servant, Female servant 8 Girl
Kaneezah Firm, Young girl 8 Girl
Kaniz Slave, Maid servant, Female servant 7 Girl
Kanizah Firm, Young girl 7 Girl
Kanval Flower 7 Girl
Kanz Treasure 7 Girl
Kanza Hidden treasure 8 Girl
Kanzah Treasure 7 Girl
Karawan Variety of plover birds 6 Girl
Kardawaiyah A pious woman 3 Girl
Kardawiyah Pious woman 11 Girl
Kareema Generous, Noble, Precious, Perfect 9 Girl
Karida Untouched 8 Girl
Karima Generous, Noble, Precious, Perfect 8 Girl
Karimah Generous, Noble 7 Girl
Kariman Generous lady 4 Girl
Karin To achieve, Celebrating, Happy, Generous, Kind 8 Girl
Kas Glass 4 Girl
Kashfia To make it evident, To impart 1 Girl
Kashfiya Enlightenment 8 Girl
Kashida Hardworking 8 Girl
Kashifah Reveler of secrets 9 Girl
Kashira Jubilant, Jovial 4 Girl
Kashish Lord of Kashi, Another name for Shiva, Attraction 3 Girl
Kashmala Necklace of flowers, Garland 3 Girl
Kashooda Attractive 11 Girl
Kashud Bloom, Success, Benefit 1 Girl
Kasirah Plenty 4 Girl
Kasool A girl brought up by tender 1 Girl
Kathirah Plenty 4 Girl
Kaureen Beautiful girl, Pretty girl 3 Girl
Kawakib Satellites 22 Girl
Kawkab Satellite, Star 4 Girl
Kawthar A river in paradise, Abundant 1 Girl
Kayla Crowned with laurels 5 Girl
Kaynat World 9 Girl
Kaysah A narrator of Hadith 2 Girl
Kazima One who controls, Suppress (1) 7 Girl
Kebira - 1 Girl
Kehara Precious 8 Girl
Kehkashan Galaxy 6 Girl
Keila Crowned with laurels 2 Girl
Kenza - 3 Girl
Ketifa To harvest fruit 7 Girl
Khabira Aware, Knowing 5 Girl
Khadeeja Name of prophet muhammads wife 9 Girl
Khadija Name of prophet muhammads wife (First wife of prophet mohammed (PBUH)) 8 Girl
Khadijah Muhammads first wife who the koran describes as one of four perfect women (First wife of the prophet, First woman to accept Islam) 7 Girl
Khadra Green, Verdant 7 Girl
Khafifa Small 6 Girl
Khaila To compete with pride 6 Girl
Khaira Charitable, Good 3 Girl
Khairah Best, Good, Virtuous 11 Girl
Khairiya Charitable, Good 1 Girl
Khairun Nisa Best of women epithet of kh 8 Girl
Khakshan The milky way, Galaxy 1 Girl
Khaleesah Name of a sahabiyyah, Pure, Clear 7 Girl
Khalida Immortal 1 Girl
Khalidah Immortal, Everlasting 1 Girl
Khalila - 9 Girl
Khalilah Friend 8 Girl
Khalisa Pure, True, Clear, Real 7 Girl
Khalisah Name of a sahabiyyah, Pure, Clear 6 Girl
Khalwat Solitude 22 Girl
Khan Zadi The rulers daughter 11 Girl
Khanam Princess, Noble woman 3 Girl
Khani Hidden 7 Girl
Khansa Old Arabic name 9 Girl
Khaperai Fairy 6 Girl
Kharo Bird 8 Girl
Kharqa Strong wind 11 Girl
Khashar Decorated, Ornamented 3 Girl
Khashia Pious, Devout 3 Girl
Khashifa Disclosing, Divulging 9 Girl
Khasiba Fruitful, Fertile, Prolific 6 Girl
Khatera Memory 1 Girl
Khatiba Speaker 7 Girl
Khatira Wish, Desire 5 Girl
Khatoon Noble woman, Lady 3 Girl
Khaula A buck, Deer, Name of a well 9 Girl
Khawara Sunlight, East 9 Girl
Khawlah Female deer 1 Girl
Khayla Crowned with laurels 22 Girl
Khitam Conclusion 8 Girl
Khitfa Erroneous, Forgetful 1 Girl
Khojassteh Royal 8 Girl
Khudamah Service, Name of a sahabiyah 4 Girl
Khudra Greenery, Greenness, Vagrancy 9 Girl
Khudrah Greenery 8 Girl
Khulat Love, Friend 1 Girl
Khulaybah This was the name of An Arab poetess 8 Girl
Khuld Paradise, Heaven, Eternal 2 Girl
Khulood Immortality, Eternity, Infinity 1 Girl
Khurmi Happiness, Leisure 8 Girl
Khurshid Jahan Sun of the world 6 Girl
Khusbakht Lucky 11 Girl
Khushbakht Lucky 1 Girl
Khushbu Perfume, Fragrance 9 Girl
Khushnood Happy, Pleased 7 Girl
Khushnuda Delighted, Agreed, Happy 8 Girl
Khuwailah A little or young female gazelle 4 Girl
Khuwaylah Gazelle 11 Girl
Khuzama Lavender 9 Girl
Khuzamah Lavender 8 Girl
Kiah A new beginning 2 Girl
Kismet Destiny, Fate 5 Girl
Kiswa Cover of kaba 9 Girl
Kiswar Country, Region, Territory 9 Girl
Kobra Major 2 Girl
Kochai Nomad 11 Girl
Koila Charcoal 3 Girl
Kokab Star, Celestial body 4 Girl
Komila Complete 7 Girl
Kontara Dove 8 Girl
Korina Exalted, Sublime, Nice 5 Girl
Kouser - 8 Girl
Kouther River in Jannat paradise 8 Girl