Name Anirudhha
Meaning : Cooperative
Gender : Boy
Numerology : 3
Religion : Hindu/
Rashi : Mesha (Aries) A,L,E,I,O
Nakshatra : krithika
Name Meaning
Aniljot Light of Air
Anilpal Immaculate protector
Aniq Neat, Elegant, Smart
Anis Close friend or companion
Anidev Favor or grace
Aniij Charming
Anik Soldier
Anikait Lord of the world
Anikanchan More than gold
Anikant Blue jewel
Aniket Homeless, Lord Shiva
Aniketh Lord of all
Anikt Conquered
Anil God of wind
Anilabh Spirit of the wind
Anilesh Wind
Animash Bright, Open eyed therefore attractive
Animesh Open eyed therefore attractive
Anindith The blameless one, Or one with no faults, The perfect human being
Anindo Happiness
Anindya Beyond criticism, Praiseworthy, Perfect, Innocent, Handsome
Anirban -
Aniroodh Boundless, Unstoppable
Aniruddh Name of Lord Vishnu with numerological strength
Aniruddha Which can't be restricted
Aniruddhan Courageous
Anirudh Boundless, Unstoppable
Anirudhha Cooperative
Anirudra -
Anirudu -
Anirvan Undying
Anirvinya A Name of Lord Vishnu
Anish Supreme
Anishk A person who has no enemy
Anishvar -
Aniswar Lord of serpents or Vasuki
Anit Joyful unending
Aniteja Immeasurable splendor
Aniv Lord Murugan
Anivardh Another Name of Lord Vishnu
Anivek -
Anindita Beautiful, Virtuous, Venerated
Anisha Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous
Anida Obstinate
Anika Goddess Durga
Anila Wind
Anisa Friendly, Of good company
Anisah Generous, Loyal, Close, Intimate, Friendly
Anish Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous
Aniya Creative
Aniya Creative
Anitha Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace
Anismita -
Aniskha Young lady, Maiden (1)
Anishkaa Who has friends, No enemies, One who has only friends
Anishka Who has friends, No enemies, One who has only friends
Anishi Bright and luminous
Anisha Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous
Anirveda Not caring sorrows and suffers
Aninditha Beautiful, Virtuous, Venerated
Anindita Beautiful, Virtuous, Venerated
Anindini Full of goodwill
Aninda Perfect, Blameless
Anima He power of becoming small
Anilaja Perfect, Beautiful
Anila Wind
Anikslum Young, Gentle
Anika Goddess Durga
Aniha Indifferent
Ania Grace
Ani Glass
Anita; Aneeta Grace
Aniustans -