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Chalmers meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Chalmers name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Chalmers .

Chalmers Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Chalmers is Lord of the Household
Name Chalmers
Meaning in English: Lord of the Household
Gender : Boy
Numerology : -
Religion : Christian/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Chalmers Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is -
Name Meaning
Chainpreet Peaceful Love
Chakardhar Lord Vishnu
Chakarpreet Loving Servant
Chamanjeet Victory of Garden
Chamanpreet Love for Garden
Chamanroop Beautiful Like a Garden
Chamkaur Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
Chanann Spiritual light
Chananpreet Love for the Light of God
Chanchaljeet Victory of the Lively
Chanchalpreet Love for the Lively
Chand Moon light
Chandan Sandalwood
Chandanbir Sandal Victory
Chandandeep Sandal Lamp
Chandanpal Preserver of Sandalwood
Chandeep -
Chander The Moon
Chanderjit One who has conquered the moon
Chanderpreet Moon's Love
Chanpreet Love for the Moon
Charanjeet One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)
Charanjot/Charanjyot Light of Guru's Lotus Feet
Charankanwal Lotus-like Feet
Charankawal Lotus Like Feet - as Those of the Guru
Charanpal Protection under the guru's lotus feet
Charanpreet Charanpreet
Charanprem Love of God's Feet
Charminder Beautiful
Charnjit Respect-full; Blessed from Everyone
Chatar Chatar
Chattarbir Intelligent and Brave
Chattarmeet Intelligent Friend
Chattarpal Fosterer of Intelligence
Chattarwant Full of Wisdom
Chanderjot Moon's Light
Chaaruchithra One of the kauravas
Chahat Love
Chahel Good cheer
Chain Peace
Chaisaran -
Chaital Consciousness
Chaitan Consciousness, Perception, Intelligence, Vigour, Life
Chaitanya Life, Knowledge
Chaithanya Sage
Chaitnya Divine radiance, Consciousness, Life, Knowledge (1)
Chaitreyesh -
Chaitya Place of worship, Of the mind
Chakor A bird enamored of the Moon
Chakra Lord vishnus weapon, Circular
Chakradev Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar Lord Vishnu
Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakravartee A sovereign king
Chakravarthi Emperor
Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakshu Eye
Chaman Garden
Chamanlal Garden
Champak A flower
Chanak (Father of Chanakya)
Chanakya Name of Kautilya, The great scholar
Chanchaladwala Glittering tail suspended above the head
Chanchareek Bee
Chand Moon light
Chandak The Moon
Chandan Sandalwood
Chandar The Moon
Chandavarman An old king
Chander The Moon
Chanderbhan Chander means Moon, Bhan means Sun both meaning is energy energetic and peace nature
Chandhu The Moon
Chandidas Name of a saint
Chandra The Moon
Chandra Bhan Moon, Sun
Chandra Sai The Moon
Chandraayan The Moon
Chandrabha Luster of Moon light
Chandrabhan The Moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandradev Moon God, A king
Chandraditya Name of a king
Chandragupt Name of ancient king
Chandrahaas Smiling like a Moon
Chandrahas Bow of Shiva
Chandrak Peacock feather
Chandrakant Beloved by the Moon
Chandrakanta The Moon
Chandraketu Moon banner
Chandrakiran Moonbeam
Chandrakirthi As famous as the Moon
Chandrakishore The Moon
Chandrama Sweet
Chandramadhav Sweet
Chandramauli Lord Shiva
Chandramouli The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva
Chandran The Moon
Chandranan Moon like face
Chandranath The Moon
Chandranshu Ray of Moon
Chandrapal Master of the Moon
Chandrapraka Moon light
Chandraraj Moonbeam
Chandrasen The Moon
Chandrasheka One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva
Chandrashekara Lord Shiva
Chandrashekhar One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva
Chandratej -
Chandratha Nectar of the Moon
Chandravadan Moon like face
Chandrayan The Moon
Chandresh Lord of the Moon
Chandrodaya Moonrise
Chandrpeed Name of Lord Shiva
Chandru -
Chane Name of a God, Dependability
Chankya Kautilya, Great scholar, Bright (1)
Channappa Beauteous, Beloved (1)
Channappa Beauteous, Beloved (1)
Chapal Quick
Charak An ancient physician
Charan Feet
Charan Feet
Charan Feet
Charanjeet One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)
Charanjit One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)
Charanraj Feet
Charantej -
Charanvir One who is fast on feet and brave
Charchika The third eye power of Lord Shiva
Charish Grace
Charit Dear
Charit Dear
Charlie Darling
Charmin Sport
Charudatt Born with beauty
Charudatta Born with beauty
Charudehi (Son of Lord Sun)
Charudutta Born with beauty
Charuhas With beautiful smile
Charukesh With beautiful hairs
Charun One with beautiful eyes
Charusheel Of good character
Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty
Charuvindha Striving for beauty
Charuvrat Of good character
Charvaka Atheist philosopher of ancient india
Charvik Intelligent
Charvikesh -
Charvk -
Chashmum My eyes
Chathveek -
Chathvik -
Chatresh Lord Shiva
Chatriya It is the month of april chaitram
Chatur Clever
Chaturaanan With four faces
Chaturanan With four faces
Chaturbahave Four-armed
Chaturbahu Four armed
Chaturbhuj One who has four arms, Lord Ganesh
Chaturvedi The one who knows 4 Vedas
Chavrik -
Chayan Collection
Chayank Moon
Chanchal Restless, Active, Agile
Chandani A river, Moon light
Channan Full of fragrance like sandalwood
Chakama Poem
Chakori A bird enamored of the Moon
Champa A flower
Chanchala Restless, Active, Agile
Chanda The Moon
Chandni A river, Moon light
Chasheen Sweet
Chaman Garden
Chandra The Moon
Charagh Light, Sun
Chargul Jewelry for the nose
Chaahana Longing, Affection
Chaamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda
Chaarani A bird
Chaarvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman
Chaaya Shadow
Chaayavati Name of a Raga
Chahana Longing, Desired, Affection
Chaheti Lovely, Lovable for all
Chahna Love
Chainika Specially selected chosen one
Chairavali Full Moon of Chaitra month
Chaitaalee Born in th month of chaitra/ ancient city
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory
Chaitaly Name of An ancient city
Chaitana Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour
Chaithana Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour, *, Vigour, Sunflower seed
Chaithra New bright light.aries sign
Chaitna Sunflower seed
Chaitra New bright light.aries sign
Chaitravi -
Chaitri Born in Spring, Beautiful, Happy
Chaitrika Very clever
Chakori A bird enamored of the Moon
Chakradharini The Goddess who is armed with a wheel
Chakranhi -
Chakria Goddess Lakshmi
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel
Chakrikaa Goddess Lakshmi, The Goddess who has the divine wheel
Chakshani Good looking, Brilliant
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Chalsia Landing place or port, Seaport. place name (1)
Chambal A river in india covers Uttar Pradesh and madhya Pradesh
Chamini Unknown
Champa A flower
Champabati The capital
Champakali A bud of Champa
Champakavathi Owner of Champak trees
Champakmala Garland of Champa flowers
Champamalini Garland of Champa flower
Champika Little Champa flower
Chamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda
Chanakshi -
Chanasya Delighting, Pleasant, Wonderful
Chanasyaa Delighting, Pleasant
Chanchala Restless, Active, Agile
Chanchari Bird, Vortex of water
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi
Chanda The Moon
Chandaa Moon female
Chandaghanta One who has mighty bells
Chandalini Glorious
Chandamundavinashini Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and munda
Chandana Scented wood or sandalwood
Chandani A river, Moon light
Chandanika Diminutive
Chandasri Moon, Cool like the Moon, Goddess Lakshmi (1)
Chandhana Scented wood or sandalwood (1)
Chandhini Moon light or a river, Star (1)
Chandhraka The Moon
Chandi Great Goddess
Chandika Diminutive of Chandana
Chandini Moon light or a river, Star
Chandni A river, Moon light
Chandnika -
Chandrabali Krishnas friend
Chandrabhaga River Chenab
Chandrabindu Crescent Moon
Chandraharika -
Chandraja Daughter of the Moon
Chandrajyothi Moon light
Chandrajyoti Moon light
Chandrakala Moonbeams
Chandrakali 1/16th of the Moon
Chandrakantha The Moon, Moon stone, Wife of the Moon
Chandrakanti Moon light
Chandraki Peacock
Chandrakin A peacock
Chandralekha Ray of Moon
Chandraleksha A Ray of the Moon
Chandralika -
Chandramaa Moon
Chandramani Moonstone, Jewel
Chandramasi Wife of Brihaspati
Chandramathi As beautiful as the Moon
Chandramukhi As beautiful as the Moon
Chandrani Wife of the Moon (Wife of the Moon)
Chandraprabha Star, Moon light
Chandrapushpa Star, Moon light
Chandrarupa Goddess Laxmi
Chandrasahodari Sister of the Moon
Chandratara The Moon and the stars conjoined
Chandravadana Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi
Chandravathi Lit by the Moon
Chandravati Lit by the Moon
Chandreyee Moons daughter
Chandrika Moonlight
Chandrima The Moon
Changuna A good woman
Chann Beauteous, Beloved
Channakka Beautiful lady
Channaya Eminent
Chapala Restless, Lighting
Chara Quiet and frisky
Charani A bird
Charanya -
Chardy The meaning of Chardy is a burning fire that desires Love and yet is always alone
Charishma Blissful
Charita Good, One having a very clean character
Charitavya -
Charitha Good, One having a very clean character
Charithra History
Charithriya History
Charithya Good, One having a very clean character
Charitra History
Charitrya History
Charmi Lovely
Charmy Charming
Charuhasa Goddess Durga
Charukeshi Name of a Raga
Charul Beautiful
Charula Beautiful
Charulata Beautiful creeper
Charulatha Beautiful creeper
Charulekha Beautiful picture
Charumathi Beautiful mind
Charumati Beautiful mind
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes
Charuprabha Beautiful
Charuroopa Goddess Durga
Charusheela The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel
Charushila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel
Charusila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile
Charusmitha One having beautiful smile
Charuta Beautiful girl, Loveliness
Charutha Beautiful girl, Loveliness
Charuvardhani Name of a Raga
Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman
Chasmitha -
Chathura Wise, Clever
Chatima Beautiful
Chatura Wise, Clever
Chaturbhuja Strong
Chaturvi -
Chaturya Wise, Clever
Chaula -
Chaunta One who outshines the stars
Chavi Ray of light
Chavishka Water, Sky
Chaya Shadow
Chayana The Moon
Chayanika The chosen one
Chayla Fairy
Charity Affection
Charlene Small Beauty
Chad; Chadwick Warrior
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Chandler Candlemaker
Channing A Canon
Chapman Merchant
Charles Manly
Charlie Cutest boy
Chatwin Warlike Friend
Chad Of Great Love; Warrior; Warlike; Name of a Saint; Fierce; Man; Battle
Chal Boy
Chap Peddler; Merchant; Diminutive of Chapman
Chas Manly; Form of Charles
Chaz Free Man; Variant of Carl; Man; Form of Charles
Chace Huntsman
Chadd Fierce; Protector
Chann Wise; Young Wolf; Beauteous; Beloved
Chars Form of Charles; Manly
Chaise Hunter
Chance Good Fortune; Chief Secretary; Record Keeper; Contraction of Chancellor; A Gamble; Variant of Chauncey
Channe Wise; Young Wolf
Chappy Peddler; Merchant; Diminutive of Chapman
Charle Freeman; Manly
Charly Manly
Chasen Huntsman; Hunter
Chayce Huntsman