Burgess Name meanings and Rashi in English

Hey you ! welcome to kidsname.info . So you are here to know about name Burgess . We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Burgess . It is Burgess is a Christian name that means it mostly being used in Burgess is a Christian. Basically it means Citizen of a Town. The rashi of this name is - Nakshatra of this name is - , Boy is Gender and the lucky number for name is -.

meaning of Burgess is Citizen of a Town
Name Burgess
Meaning in English: Citizen of a Town
Gender : Boy
Numerology : -
Religion : Christian/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Name Meaning
Burhaan Proof
Burum Bud, Blossom
Burak Horse like animal that carried the prophet (Pbuh) during Mehraj and will carry those that are selected on resurrection day
Buraq Horse of the prophet (Pbuh)
Burayd Cold, Mild
Buraydah It is a name of a place
Burhan Proof
Burhanah Proof
Burgess Citizen of a Town
Burton Fortress
Burg Mountain
Burl Cup Bearer; Butler; Wine Servant; Knot in a Tree; Forest
Burn From the Brook; Creek; Place Name; The Stream
Burt From the Fortified Town; Form of Burton; Place Name; Bright Settlement; Fortified Enclosure; Shining Pledge
Burke Fortified Hill; From the Fortified Settlement; Castle
Burne From the Brook; Place Name; The Stream; Bear; Brown
Burdon Lives at the Castle
Bureig Lives on the Brook Island
Burges Citizen
Burket Area of Birch Trees
Burney Lives on the Brook Island; Form of Birney; Island of the Brook; Bear; Brown
Burton From the Fortified Town; Place Name; Bright Settlement; Fortified Enclosure; Fortress
Burdett Surname Used as a Given Name
Burford Lives at the Castle Ford
Burgard Strong as a Castle
Burgeis Town Dweller; Lives in Town
Burgess Town Dweller; Town Citizen; Citizen of a Town
Burghal -
Burgred -
Burgtun From the Fortress Town
Burhdon Lives at the Castle
Burhtun From the Fortified Town
Burkett Area of Birch Trees; Fortress
Burkitt Area of Birch Trees
Burnard Strong; Bear; Courageous; Brave as a Bear
Burnell Strong; Strong as a Bear; Reddish Brown Haired; Small Brown One; Bear; Brown; Brave as a Bear
Burrell Fortified; Reddish
Bursone Son of Byrne
Burchard Strong as a Castle
Burdette Surname Used as a Given Name
Burghard Strong as a Castle; Powerful Protector; Stronghold
Burghere Lives at the Fortress
Burghred -
Burhford Lives at the Castle Ford
Burhtred -
Burkhart Strong as a Castle; Protection; Brave
Burnette Bear; Brown
Burckhard -