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Arik meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Arik name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Arik .

Arik Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Arik is Ruler of All; Sacred Ruler; Noble Leader; Ever Ruler
Name Arik
Meaning in English: Ruler of All; Sacred Ruler; Noble Leader; Ever Ruler
Gender : Boy
Numerology : -
Religion : Christian/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Arik Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is -
Name Meaning
Arijeet Conqueror of Enemies
Arinajeet Heroic without Personality Flaw
Arinderjit -
Ariez Respectable Man or intelligent
Arihaan Destroyer of evil
Arihan Killing enemies
Arihant One who has killed his enemies
Arijit Conquering enemies (Son of Krishna and Subhadra)
Arin Aarin means mountain strength, Ireland, Peace (Celebrity Name: Madhuri Dixit)
Arindam Destroyer of enemies
Arine Sun Ray
Arinjay Victory over evil
Arinjoy One who wins over his enemy
Arish Sky
Arit Beloved or friend
Arivalagan Intelligent and handsome
Arivali Smart, Intelligent
Arivarasu King of wisdom
Arivoli Glowing with intelligence
Arivarasu King of wisdom
Arivuchelvan One whose wealth is his wisdom
Arivumadhi Intelligent
Arivumani Intelligent gem
Arivunambi Confident and intelligent
Ariyan Illustrious or noble
Ariyan Illustrious or noble
Arif Acquainted, Knowledgeable
Arish Sky
Arif Acquainted, Knowledgeable
Ariana Full of life
Aribah Witty, Smart, Wise
Arifa Acquainted, Knowledgeable
Arij Pleasant smell, Sweet smell, Fragrance
Arisha Peace
Arissa Bright
Aria A melody
Arianna Holy one, Peace
Arika Beautiful
Arikhta -
Ariktha Fulfilled
Arina Holy one, Peace
Ariona Bringer of life
Arishmita -
Aritra One who shows the right path, Navigator
Aritri Earth
Aritrika Dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant (Basil)
Ariyana Giver of life
Ariana Silvery
Aric Ruler of All; Sacred Ruler; Ruler; Rule with Mercy; Noble Leader; Ever Ruler
Arik Ruler of All; Sacred Ruler; Noble Leader; Ever Ruler
Ariq Deep Rooted
Arick Ruler of All; Rule with Mercy; Ruler; Noble Leader
Ariha Killing Enemies
Arihant Big and Unexplanable; One who has Killed his Enemies; Destroyer of Enemies; Lord Shiva