Anoushka Name meanings English Hindi Anoushka Rashi Nakshatra

Anoushka meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Anoushka name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Anoushka .

Anoushka Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Anoushka is Favor, Grace
Name Anoushka
Meaning in English: Favor, Grace
Gender : Girl
Numerology : 9
Religion : Sikh/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Anoushka Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is -
Name Meaning
Anokh Extraordinary and Wondrous; Unique; Wondrous
Anoop / Anup Matchless beauty
Anoop, Anup Incomparable beauty
Anoopbir Beauteous and brave
Anoopjot Radiating the beauteous light
Anooplok Resident of the Beauteous Realm
Anokha Rare, Unique
Anoob Palm tree
Anoop Without comparison, Incomparable, The best
Anoor -
Anosh Beautiful morning or star
Anoush The Name of a star
Anoushka Favor, Grace
Anousha Beautiful morning
Anokhi Unique
Anoma Illustrious
Anoohya Little sister, Unpredictable
Anooja Continuous, Younger sister
Anouka Spirit of God
Anoushka Favor, Grace