Amery Name meanings English Hindi Amery Rashi Nakshatra

Amery meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Amery name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Amery .

Amery Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Amery is Industrious
Name Amery
Meaning in English: Industrious
Gender : Boy
Numerology : -
Religion : Christian/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Amery Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is -
Name Meaning
Ameek Ameek
Amender People of the heavenly God
Amet, Amit Indestructible, imperishable
Ameen Faithful, Trustworthy
Ameer Ruler, Prince
Amer Rich
Ameet -
Amey Lord Ganesh
Ameya Boundless, Magnanimous
Ameyaatmaa He who manifests in infinite varieties
Ameyatma Lord Vishnu
Ameesha Beautiful, Without decept, Pure
Ameyaa Boundless, Magnanimous, One who is beyond measure (Celebrity Name: Madhoo (Roja))
Amery Industrious