Agned Name meanings English Hindi Agned Rashi Nakshatra

Agned meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Agned name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Agned .

Agned Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Agned is -
Name Agned
Meaning in English: -
Gender : Boy
Numerology : -
Religion : Christian/
Rashi in English: -
Nakshatra : -
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Agned Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is -
Name Meaning
Agneya (Son of Agni)
Agni Towards the fire
Agnikumara (Son of Agni)
Agnimitra Friend of fire
Agniprava Bright as the fire
Agniv Bright as light
Agnivesh Bright as the fire
Agnivo Flame of the fire
Agnibha Shining like fire/gold
Agnijwaala One who is poignant like fire, It signifies fire
Agnishikha Flames of fire
Agnes Pure; Gentle
Agned -