Abbudin Name meanings English Hindi Abbudin Rashi Nakshatra

Abbudin meaning rashi nakshatra gender. Abbudin name meaning in English and Hindi. We have gathered information about this name like meaning , rashi in English , Nakshatra , Gender , religion and numerology of name Abbudin .

Abbudin Name meanings in English with Rashi and Nakshatra

meaning of Abbudin is Worshippers
Name Abbudin
Meaning in English: Worshippers
Gender : Boy
Numerology : 8
Religion : Muslim/
Rashi in English:  
Nakshatra :
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Abbudin Name Rashi

The rashi of this name is  
Name Meaning
Abbhinav New or novel or innovative
Abbir Gulal
Abbaas Description of a lion
Abbad A great worshiper of Allah
Abbas Description of a lion
Abbood Devoted worshipper of Allah
Abbud Worshipper
Abbudin Worshippers
Abbynayha Expressions
Abbott Father
Abba Leader; Father
Abbe Father in Rejoicing
Abbot Father; Priest
Abbott Father